Reduce your restaurant payroll costs:

Find smart ways to control and reduce your staffing costs, without impacting customer service and team morale.

Old World
Want to break free from snowballing payroll costs, overreliance on overtime and having too few or too many staff on shift? We hear you. So let’s fix it.
New World
Let’s optimise staffing levels to fit demand, every time. Now everyone’s happy. Contented customers, motivated staff, and your bottom line looks pleased with itself too.

"It’s time to rethink and energise restaurant operations. Now your people, tech and processes work in perfect sync."

The Challenge:
Common Issues:
Understanding the complexity:
The Solution:

The Challenge:

  • High wage bills every month
  • Struggling with budget constraints
  • A constant battle to remain profitable

Common Issues:

In the restaurant business, striking a balance is crucial. You must have the right number of employees to provide top-notch service while avoiding unnecessary expenses. This is where your journey to achieve cost-efficiency and streamline operations begins.

Understanding the complexity:

Let’s start by examining your current operations:

  • How many staff members are currently on your payroll?
  • What methods are you using to manage their work schedules?
  • How much time is dedicated to scheduling tasks?
  • How are staff time-offs and scheduling changes handled?
  • How often do you deal with scheduling conflicts or under-staffing?
  • What percentage of your total expenses are allocated to payroll?

These questions will help to uncover the best answers.

The Solution:

With Syrve, you can better understand and optimise staffing levels, resulting in reduced payroll costs.

Data-driven insights using historical data mean you’ll be able to predict customer demand patterns accurately. It’s easy to create schedules with Syrve, so you can set staffing levels correctly to prevent understaffing, overstaffing or costly overtime. Digital rotas are shared with staff automatically – and attendance and performance is tracked in your KPIs.

You can minimise payroll costs in other ways too – by saving time through automated inventory management, simplified stocklist and price updates and automated kitchen prep plans. And that’s just for starters.

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