Improving productivity

There’s a financial danger for UK restaurant chains when staff performance begins to plateau or fall. Your talented teams may love aspects of the job, but manual, time-consuming tasks can drain their enthusiasm. To really move the needle in restaurant productivity, it’s essential to direct people’s energies away from low-value tasks and onto activities that drive efficiency and outstanding customer service.

Three signs showing that change is needed

Here are unmistakable signs that your restaurant may be grappling with productivity issues:

  • Operational inefficiency: If your day-to-day operations lack efficiency and consistency, it’s a sign that you need to enhance productivity.
  • High operating costs: Soaring operating costs without a clear connection to revenue growth can indicate inefficient operations.
  • Overburdened, demoralised staff: If you find your employees overwhelmed with manual, time-consuming tasks, it’s time to consider ways to improve productivity.

Our solution is designed to tackle these challenges head-on. Here’s how we do it.

Efficient order taking

When taking orders, it’s imperative to prioritise accuracy and expedite service to enhance the overall customer experience and boost employee productivity.

Implementing Syrve’s technologies like self-service kiosks, mobile ordering, and online ordering can streamline the order-taking process. You’ll reduce wait times and ensure your team can focus on other essential tasks.

Automated inventory management

Efficiently managing inventory is paramount to prevent overstocking or stockouts and is key to saving valuable time and maintaining smooth operations. Syrve offers an array of features such as automated inventory management, mobile-guided inventory checks, and system-generated orders that optimise inventory control and reduce the time spent managing inventory.

Seamless stocklist and price updates

Simplifying stocklist and price updates is a surefire way to reduce errors and save precious time for your teams. Syrve’s features for effortless stocklist and price updates make it a breeze to activate price changes, withdraw dishes, and manage these crucial aspects of your business on predefined schedules.

Enhanced food preparation

Elevating the speed and consistency of food preparation while reducing manual labour can significantly increase productivity. Syrve provides automated prep plans and advanced technologies like kitchen display screens, transforming food preparation into a seamless, error-free process, and allowing your staff to allocate their time to other vital tasks.

Optimised food delivery

Streamlining delivery routes and minimising travel time is a cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing strategy. Syrve’s real-time tracking of drivers and intelligent route optimisation enhance your food delivery operations by reducing travel time and fuel costs.

Team performance and engagement

Promoting transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement among your team members can lead to a significant boost in overall productivity and morale. Syrve provides powerful tools for tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). Also, personalised staff engagement pages include news feeds, motivation programs and work schedules, enabling your team to perform at their best and enhancing their overall productivity.

The bottom line

Once you’ve improved productivity, your shift teams can achieve more with less – which has positive impact on your payroll costs.

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