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Our customers range from start-ups and high-end independent restaurants, through to national chains and global operators. In 2023, our customer family increased by 27% to over 7,500 brands across 51 countries.

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Growing successfully with us

The Syrve platform is scalable, so you can start small and then grow easily – at your speed. We bring all the insights and innovative tools you need into one place.

Our technology is cloud based and our business model is flexible and adaptable. This means we can easily support instore/online/delivery models, digital-first businesses, franchises, multi-chain operators, companies with multiple brands, and businesses with central production units. Our technology can also support fiscal compliance in different territories.

And yet, our tools are delightfully intuitive to use. Everything needed by each person in your team is available in a few clicks.

That’s perfect for everyone – from new serving staff at the start of their careers through to busy chefs, operations managers, CFOs and other senior executives. Everyone knows how to play their part and make the best decisions, using real-time insights.

We solve today’s big challenges

Our technology is designed with purpose. It supports day-to-day restaurant operations with ease. But our system also gives you a wealth of business tools to tackle specific issues.

These might include a particular drive towards margin control, inventory management, rapid expansion, improving standards, or brand building and promotions. We understand how a restaurant operation works – so we know the little factors and the big wins that will give you the edge.

We’re a people business

Although we love our tech, we put people first. That’s true with our own team – and our customers. You’re a big part of how we develop our solutions and stay at the front of the marketplace. We value your feedback and ideas – and use them in our relentless drive to succeed.

The result? We’re committed to non-stop innovation that makes a difference every day.

See How Syrve Is Transforming The Quick Service Industry

Discover how Syrve empowers quick-service restaurants like Farmer J to enhance operational visibility and gain precise control over margins. Instantly adapt to shifts in customer behaviour through flexible order options, seamless menu changes, and integrated delivery solutions.

Let’s work together

Join us in transforming the restaurant experience, where people come first and success follows seamlessly.

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