About Syrve UK

At Syrve, we’re on a mission to revolutionise the restaurant industry in the UK by reshaping how operations are run, with people at the heart of our vision.

Our Commitment

Grounded in the belief that transforming processes to benefit everyone is the key to operational efficiency, profitability and creating standout experiences that customers value.

Our story

Syrve was founded in Spring 2022 as an independent company. We took control of a strong international presence and secured contractual rights over software, support and valuable partner relationships.

This new-found operational freedom empowered us to expand the scope and impact of our mission. We’ve embarked on a transformative journey, harnessing our intellectual property and aligning with our customers’ goals and market insights.

We’re anticipating exciting times ahead – in 2024 and beyond – with a target to extend our customer base to 10,000 across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Among them, we look forward to partnering with ambitious restaurant chains, eager to replicate their local success on an international scale.

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What’s different about our platform?

Our friction-free restaurant automation approach sets us apart. Our innovative solution sharpens your operations, surpassing the ordinary to reduce stress and frustration.

Put simply, we help you create a workplace where your team is empowered to succeed, using technology as the catalyst to streamline operations, allowing a singular focus on delivering outstanding service and delighting customers.

A contented and motivated team isn’t just a goal for us; it’s the result of our dedication to positive change in hospitality. We’re determined to eliminate unnecessary costs and delays in every aspect of your operation, making your team’s success not just an ambition but a reality.

Innovation is a non-stop process for Syrve, thanks to our significant investment in research and development. As a result, you can strengthen your agility and stay ahead of the curve – amid fast-changing market conditions.

Success is baked in – with Syrve

Working with Syrve makes a refreshing change. We believe in “success built-in” – a business model that integrates success into every aspect of our customers’ journey.

We establish a transparent buyer-seller relationship based on clear and quantifiable outcomes, leaving behind empty marketing claims. You know our technology delivers value because you can see and begin control a vast range of KPIs that were previously out of reach.

We offer granular insights and big picture visibility of a single operation – or an entire chain – in real time. What’s more, we give you the tools to impact your performance in virtually every corner of your business. The steadily improving KPIs will speak for themselves.

We support you at every step

Our dedicated team becomes your trusted partner, offering personalised guidance, consulting and proactive support. We’ll help you to optimise operations, implement best practices and unlock untapped potential.

Together, we redefine success by thoroughly evaluating and aligning processes and practices with your unique goals. Through collaboration and understanding, we create a pathway where success becomes a tangible reality, empowering you to gain a competitive advantage.

Let’s work together

Join us in transforming the restaurant experience, where people come first and success follows seamlessly.

Contact our team today and let’s do great things together.