Reduce your costs through better recipe management:

Better control of the costs behind your recipes, optimise how you use ingredients and create healthy margins.

Old World
Which of your dishes bring home the bacon? And which should be canned (to put it bluntly)? Don’t wander around in the dark any more. Here’s the light switch.
New World
Gain extra control via your menu. Ensure your recipes always taste correct, ingredient quantities hit the mark and costs are predictable.

"It’s time to rethink and energise restaurant operations. Now your people, tech and processes work in perfect sync."

The Challenge:
Common Issues:
Understanding the complexity:
The Solution:

The Challenge:

  • Lack of consistency of dishes
  • Escalating ingredients costs
  • Challenges in tracking stock

Common Issues:

Managing a menu requires a delicate balance of taste, presentation and financial prudence. You need to know your numbers to reduce the cost of goods sold (COGS). But there’s more to the story. Streamlining processes can help you to drive consistency and control spend.

Understanding the complexity:

Let’s start by examining your current operations:

  • Are you able to easily calculate the cost of every dish?
  • Can you see what’s happening with ingredients costs?
  • How do you share recipes among your kitchen team?
  • How are your prep plans organised?
  • Are you able to control recipe consistency and portion sizes?
  • How do you track the movement of ingredients?

These questions will help to uncover the best answers.

The Solution:

With Syrve, you’ll know the price and profit margin of every item on your menu – even when ingredients costs change constantly. You’ll see how tweaking your recipes can maintain profitability without compromising quality.

Our easy-to-use tools enable you to understand the granular detail around the price of ingredients, food production and how losses might creep into processes. You can then optimise recipes, share them digitally, and maintain consistency — so costs and quality always hit the mark. Our tools will help you to create value-for-money recipes with precision and support batch production in real-time.

Ultimately, you’ll be sure that every dish is paying its way for your business.

Reduce your costs through better recipe management

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