Centralise recipe control

The dishes and flavours associated with your brand are key to its popularity. But managing your recipes correctly also has a big implication on cost. It’s important to set a standard – and make it easy for everyone to stay on track. Using digital processes to centralise and control your recipes is essential.

Common issues for restaurants

Ensuring your recipes are followed can be a complex challenge as you deal with dish consistency, escalating costs and the maintenance of quality standards across multiple locations. This demands some fresh thinking.

Clear signs that recipe control is a challenge

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Inconsistent dish quality:
    Customers experiencing variations in taste, quantity and presentation?
  • Escalating ingredients costs:
    Rising food costs without seeing an equivalent revenue increase?
  • Operational inefficiencies:
    Failures to meet kitchen preparation times and growing labour costs?
  • Seasonal factors:
    Failures to adjust menus during seasons when the prices of some ingredients fluctuate significantly?

Syrve’s Centralised Recipe Control can help you to address these challenges. With new tools, you can improve recipe management, ensuring consistency, cost control and operational efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How to centralise recipe control

Syrve’s technology enhances key functions that make a difference.

Digital recipe books for your teams

Effective recipe management is crucial for consistently delivering great food.

With Syrve Recipe Books, you can digitally store and share recipes among chefs and kitchen locations. This eliminates manual work and helps to ensure that the taste and cost of dishes remain consistent.

Menu engineering to strike the right balance

Crafting a menu requires a delicate balance of taste, presentation and financial prudence.

With Syrve Menu Engineering, you can create recipes per item size, consider yield and support batch production in real-time. This gives you exceptional precision.

Simplifying prep work for efficiency

Recipe management is about more than getting the ingredients right – production is relevant too.

Syrve’s recipe management simplifies prep work for each dish. The system provides detailed recipe instructions and prep plans to chefs, enabling them to work efficiently and save time. This ultimately lowers labour costs and enhances kitchen productivity with accurate and streamlined recipes.

Inventory variances: Real-time tracking and correction

Any discrepancies between expected and actual ingredient quantities can disrupt the smooth-running of any kitchen.
With Syrve, you can track every movement of an ingredient, quickly identify and fix variances and root causes in real-time – from incorrect recipes to errors in consignment prices.

The bottom line

Effective recipe management is crucial for bringing costs under control. Syrve’s Centralised Recipe Control features equip you with the ability to streamline your kitchen processes achieve consistency and control spend.

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