Expand reach & offer convenient options:

Scale up your business and win more customers by offering greater choice and convenience.

Old World
Are rival brands luring away your customers – online and offline? Don’t feel powerless. It’s time to find an action plan that works.
New World
Attract more customers. Ensure your restaurant is agile, efficient and always performing at the top of its game – online and offline.

"It’s time to rethink and energise restaurant operations. Now your people, tech and processes work in perfect sync."

The Challenge:
Common Issues:
Understanding the complexity:
The Solution:

The Challenge:

  • Poorly-performing promotions and online presence
  • Struggles with managing multiple restaurants
  • Costs and hassles hinder food delivery sales

Common Issues:

The competition is relentless in the restaurant sector. Rival brands will attempt to lure away your customers. You need an agile and efficient restaurant performing at the top of its game – building lasting loyalty with customers, via online and offline channels.

Understanding the complexity:

Let’s start by examining your current operations:

  • How and where can customers find you online?
  • Can you offer consistent experiences across channels?
  • Is it easy to change menus and roll out special deals?
  • Can you monitor promotions and customer loyalty?
  • Are you offering delivery? Any issues?
  • What challenges do you face launching new restaurants?
  • Can you track KPIs across your entire operation and gain insights into trends in real-time?

These questions will help to uncover the best answers.

The Solution:

With Syrve, you’re in a strong position to grow. Our tech supports you – as you open new sites, extend your hours or widen your reach through online channels and delivery. You can manage everything in one place and see the big picture. View your KPIs in real-time … or zoom down to the tiniest detail.

Syrve simplifies, streamlines and connects a vast number of tasks – from menu management and promotions, through to inventory checks and staff management. Nothing gets in the way of your expansion, offline and online. You can create a strong digital presence and manage multiple ordering channels in a unified way.

Meanwhile, you can use AI to predict sales trends and get real-time insights as you grow.

Expand reach & offer convenient options

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Syrve In Action

Catch a glimpse of Syrve in action and see how our POS is helping independent boutique coffee shop, CoffeeDiem, focus on growing their business, confident that day-to-day operations are being managed efficiently and effectively with Syrve.