Run Your Entire Operation From A Single Interface

With the Syrve platform, you can manage your front of house, kitchen and back-office operations all in one place. From your POS terminal at the bar to your kitchen display screen, you’ve got the real time information running on industry-grade hardware designed specifically for the hospitality sector.

Key Benefits

  • Turn tables and process orders faster: Everything about your POS terminal and other tech is designed for speed, simplicity and a better customer experience
  • Empower your team: Give them access to intuitive tools to manage everything from reservations and orders – to switching between service types during the day at the click of a button
  • Get closer to customers: Equip your front of house team with handheld tech for ultra-fast ordering and payments
  • Work as one team: With a single system delivering accurate real time information, front-of-house and kitchen teams can work in a more effective and frictionless way

Key Capabilities

All-in-one front of house
POS interface designed for speed & simplicity
Manage Reservations
Smart table service: Order & pay
Kitchen display system
Integrated payments

All-in-one front of house

Restaurants can boost their versatility with Syrve. Our all-in-one application combines all food and beverage service categories. This means it's easy to switch between different modes within the same application, on the same till: table service, counter service, delivery service, and even the kitchen display screen.

Key Benefits

  • Increase business agility: Support every service type during the day by simply flipping between modes on the same screen
  • Improve consistency and reliability: Every service type runs on the same unified platform
  • Save money: Use versatile tech that saves on the number of tills
  • Reduce complexity: Eliminate need for multiple apps and integrations

POS interface designed for speed & simplicity

Syrve's easy-to-use interface is packed with smart functionality and time-saving tools that empower busy front of house teams. They can serve customers better and faster, with instant access to menu details, dynamic results pane, clever upselling prompts, out-of-stock flags and allergen information.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive tech: Syrve’s terminal interface is quick and easy for staff to learn and use
  • Improve customer experience: Staff have the right tools to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales
  • Cut wait times: Speed up transaction times and cut queues
  • Take service to the next level: front of house staff can also be equipped with the Syrve handheld POS, the Smart Order App and Smart Table Service for handheld tableside ordering and payment

Manage Reservations

With Syrve, you can manage reservations easily, from banquets to booked tables, or delivery orders. You've got the tools to record booking details, names and contact information. You can also use the opportunity to promote loyalty cards and newsletter subscriptions. It's also possible to track cancellations and reasons.

Key Benefits

  • Manage table turnover efficiently: Serve more parties each day and increase revenues
  • Improve customer experience: Guarantee seats, record details accurately, get to know customers better (and note if the occasion is a celebration)
  • Get prepared: Coordinate staff and communicate easily among your team. Set reminders on the POS where advance preparation is required
  • Control capacity: Prevent overcrowding and ease customer anxiety in the post-pandemic era

Smart table service: Order & pay

You can digitise and streamline your service — from the table, to the kitchen and onto payment — using a top handheld device with our ordering app and integrated payments. Orders are gathered accurately, sent to the kitchen instantly and payment can be taken at the table when diners are ready.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance the guest experience: Take orders quickly and accurately — and enable payments at the table
  • Ensure food arrives quickly: Send orders to the kitchen in a single click from the device
  • Free up staff: Teams can achieve far more on the go, with no need to queue at the POS terminal
  • Increase revenue: At busy times, staff can take more orders and turn tables faster, sometimes growing income by 5-25%

Kitchen display system

Syrve’s built-in kitchen display system (KDS) eliminates bottlenecks between service and kitchen teams. You can easily accept orders from multiple channels (such as your website, app and third-party delivery apps) and put them into one process flow — visible to everyone.

Key Benefits

  • Manage it all with a unified platform: There are no extra fees or integration required for kitchen management software
  • Reduce friction: Keep the waiting staff and kitchen team in sync and optimise speed of service
  • Track orders easily: Touch screens, bump bars and POS views allow kitchen staff to easily prioritise food preparation and manage timings across multiple kitchen stations
  • Accurate tracking and management: There are no lost orders or communication issues, ensuring that guests receive the right orders at the right time

Integrated payments

With Syrve, you can make payments fast and convenient for your customers. We give restaurants the flexibility to choose between our available integrated payment processing partners – so you can shop around for the best available rate or build a custom integration using an API.

Key Benefits

  • Improve the guest experience: Speed up checkout and focus on one customer at a time. Allow pay at table, pay at counter, gratuities and bill splitting
  • Choice and convenience for customers: You can support Pay-at-Table, Pay-at-Counter, card present, card not present, and eCommerce payment options
  • Selection of payment partners: Syrve seamlessly integrates with all the major payment service providers accredited with major banks. Choose the partner that suits you
  • Streamline operations and save time: Move towards easier reconciliation and reporting, with no need for manually entering and reconciling transaction data

FAQ's: Your Questions Answered

Is Syrve difficult for my staff to learn?

Not at all. Syrve is intuitive and simple, with an easy-to-use interface that your staff can get started with immediately, without having to spend weeks training and learning.

Does Syrve help me manage my costs?

Yes. As a comprehensive platform, Syrve helps you to maintain moment-by-moment financial control over all aspects, from ordering and labour to inventory and waste.

Why should I use Syrve?

Syrve helps businesses like yours boost their profits in a number of ways, including upsell prompts, loyalty schemes, and customer satisfaction tools that maximise revenue.

Can I scale up if I decide to grow my business?

Absolutely. In fact, Syrve makes it easier to open new locations without doubling – or tripling – your workload. Its easy to roll out to new stores and locations – Syrve will scale as your business grows. All your data is in the cloud, so you can access it anywhere.

How can I accept orders through Syrve?

However you want! With Syrve, you can accept orders from table or till, from your website or app, or from delivery partners, and manage them in a single workflow.

Can customers pay through Syrve?

The Syrve POS supports multiple payment providers to give customers flexibility. Choose from pay-at-table, pay-at-counter, ecommerce payment options, and more.

What payment processor does Syrve use?

Designed with flexibility in mind, Syrve integrates with most major payment service providers, so you can simply choose the partner that best suits.

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