Menu Management

Balance Cost, Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Your menu is at the heart of your operation: How it’s designed, costed, managed and shared with customers will help to determine the success of your business. With Syrve, you’ve got the tools to excel in each of these areas — and offer a tempting menu that always includes a healthy margin.

Key Benefits

  • Simpler recipe management: With everything in one place, staff can find your signature dishes as well as batches and semi-finished products, so you can hit standards consistently in terms of food quality and cost control
  • Analyse and price menus correctly: Understand the cost of every dish, based on ingredients and labour. Fine tune your offering constantly to optimise quality and profit
  • Boost sales: Design and distribute food and drink promotions using the Syrve platform — and then prompt staff automatically to offer them to customers when orders are being taken
  • Share your menu: Let guests have full control of their ordering experience via QR codes, websites, apps and online delivery partners. Distribute and update your menu easily

Key Capabilities

Recipe management
Menu pricing
Menu analysis
Upsell tools
Allergens & nutritional value
External digital menus

Recipe management

With just one system for everything, you can store and share your new and existing recipes easily among chefs, new joiners and across your locations. Syrve handles the detail and distribution for you, ensuring you can hit standards consistently in terms of food quality and cost control.

Key Benefits

  • Find recipes easily: Syrve has everything in one place. Staff can find details for your signature dishes, unlimited layers (recipes within recipes) as well as batches and semi-finished products
  • Track waste and cost: Know your food costs, price your menu wisely and optimise profit. Grasp two yield stage percentages for better visibility of wastage
  • Keep everyone up to date: Any changes to recipes, items and costs of an item from a supplier will automatically update parameters across the platform
  • Allow variations where appropriate: Different versions of same recipe can be allowed for geographically distributed chains (for example, if suppliers are not available in some regions)

Menu pricing

The ability to change prices quickly and easily — to address different sales opportunities — is essential for every agile restaurant business. With Syrve, you can tread the fine line between competitive pricing and protecting your margins. You set the rules and the system adjusts prices automatically.

Key Benefits

  • Set promotional prices: Adjust meal deals and combo item pricing in a few clicks
  • Change prices and availability during the day: Let offers take effect automatically over lunchtime and then switch back afterwards
  • Treat stores or customers differently: Use pricing bands for different stores; have pricing for different customers groups (eg. club members); or alter prices with some online delivery partners
  • Schedule price changes: Prepare in advance and let prices take effect when new menus are launched (eg. at Christmas or other holidays)

Menu analysis

Before launching a new menu or making any changes, it's vital to have a solid handle on the cost of every dish, based on ingredients and labour (time to make the item). Syrve can rank every menu item according to profitability. This is essential in a world where ingredients and labour costs are shifting constantly.

Key Benefits

  • Gain ‘menu agility’: Fine tune your offering constantly, using trusted data to balance cost, quality and customer satisfaction
  • Identify top earners: Use ABC/XYZ analysis. The ABC part will tell you sales volumes, turnover and profit. For example, you might discover 20% of menu items yield 80% of turnover; 15% of items deliver 15%; and the remaining 65% of items account for just 5% of turnover
  • Axe or adjust menu items: Poorly-performing items could be scrapped. However, dishes which are core to your brand’s offering may be immovable. You could use fewer expensive ingredients to reduce costs, without compromising on quality — or increase the price to boost the margin
  • Create ‘what if’ scenarios with supplier changes: You can assess your exposure in terms of at-risk ingredients, forecast your profitability, and then track demand once new items are launched

Upsell tools

It's simple to design and distribute food and drink promotions using the Syrve platform — and then prompt and guide staff to offer them to customers when orders are being taken. You've got the tools to increase sales and sharpen your competitive edge.

Key Benefits

  • Create offers and boost revenues: Set up combos and meal deals, including 2-4-1 offers, meal-and-drink combos for a set price, extra sides at a discount, ‘happy hours’, or all items in a set
  • Put your plans into action: The system remembers to prompt sales staff at just the right moment. You don’t need extra training, memos and other reminders
  • Show offers to customers: As well as prompts from staff, the rear facing screen on your POS can show deals to customers for impulse purchases (“add fries with your burger”)
  • Never overcharge: Even if the cashier doesn’t remember the deal or recognise that it includes a combo, the system applies the discount automatically

Allergens & nutritional value

With Syrve, you can make every customer feel happy and confident about choosing items on your menu — by having all the information they need. It's easy to control, manage and inform your customers of any allergens as well as the nutritional value of your dishes.

Key Benefits

  • Improve customer service: Make it easy for diners and staff to find allergen and nutrition details. Syrve informs staff of allergens on the POS or these can be printed on recipe and price list document templates. Information can also be printed on guest bills, delivery invoices and delivery stickers
  • Keep everything in one place: Avoid paper files that become outdated easily. Use Syrve’s Allergen Reference Book – a central database where you can maintain accurate details of everything you offer. Specify allergens at the ingredient level so they are flagged automatically in dishes
  • Calculate nutrition: Information about the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in products that a dish contains and their calorific value before and after cooking can be automatically calculated and displayed on price lists or labels

External digital menus

With Syrve, guests can control their ordering experience. It's fast and simple to make your menu accessible instantly via QR codes. You can also share your menu with your own app or website, as well as online app partners and aggregators. It's easy to make menu changes and roll them out everywhere.

Key Benefits

  • Extend your reach and increase revenues: Use your menu to attract and win the loyalty of new customers
  • Free QR code menu: Let customers browse an online menu in-store or place telephone orders
  • Hit the ground running: Take advantage of a quick and easy set-up
  • Share and update your menu widely: Use QR codes or launch/improve your own app or website, with Syrve’s help. Also connect your menu with aggregators and popular partner ordering apps (via Deliverect, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat and more)

FAQ's: Your Questions Answered

Does Syrve support menu offers?

Yes. Set up combos, launch meal deals, offer extra discounts during ‘happy hour’ or introduce money-saving 2-4-1s… Syrve allows you to build your menu offers, in your own way.

How can I share my menu with Syrve?

There are lots of ways! Share easily to your website, app, or delivery partners or promote your menu instore on customer display screens.

Will my staff be able to use Syrve?

Syrve is both simple and intuitive. Your staff may even find using Syrve easier thanks to features like automatic prompts that help them take orders with confidence.

Do I have to roll out menu changes manually?

No. Syrve helps to save you time. Any changes to recipes, items, or costs will automatically update across the system, and roll out to all relevant stores.

Can I only use syrve to manage existing menus?

Not at all. Even before launching a menu, you can use Syrve to calculate the cost of each dish based on ingredients and labour to fully assess its viability and suitability.

Who can access recipe and menu data in Syrve?

Anyone you want. Managers, chefs, franchisees… it’s up to you. With just one system for all your menu management, your staff have all the information they need.

Is it difficult to get started?

Getting started using Syrve for recipe and menu management is quick, easy, and straightforward. With Syrve, you can hit the ground running with a very simple and rapid set up.

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