Reporting & Analytics

Access Real Time Sales & Operational Insights

Every modern business needs meaningful, actionable insights to evolve and thrive. With Syrve, restaurants have a wealth of data at their fingertips about each transaction, event and business metric. You can use this to improve quality and fix bottlenecks — as well as seeing the true picture of financial performance across your business. And it’s all available 24/7 on your mobile phone.

Key Benefits

  • Get the KPIs that count most: Access revenue, costs and efficiency scores all in one place
  • Customise your dashboards: Use the KPIs that reflect your business and its priorities
  • Let the system keep watch: When life is busy, the system will tell you how you’re doing
  • Rely on trustworthy figures: Track your operational P&L and flow your data seamlessly into your software for BI, ERP, accounting and HR apps

Key Capabilities

Key performance indicators (KPIs)
Configurable dashboards
Proactive & predictive analytics
Real time profit & loss
Use critical data effectively

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

How well is your restaurant or bar operating? It's vital to have the answers close at hand. With Syrve, all the revenue, costs and efficiency scores that matter are available. Real time sales and productivity data can be viewed online on your laptop or through the mobile app.

Key Benefits

  • Operate in real time: Get consistent, timely and actionable business information
  • See everything in one place: Over 200 business metrics will monitor your performance and provide details that are clear to understand
  • Take a closer look: If you wish, you can analyse granular details of in-store KPIs, food costs, service/kitchen performance, deliveries and much more
  • Intervene when needed: Reward or support in-store performance, as metrics rise or fall

Configurable dashboards

Data isn't enough on it's own. It needs to be relevant. That's why Syrve provides configurable dashboards, so you can see at-a-glance how your business is performing, based on your top KPIs. You can check in 24/7 and view the figures in real time on your laptop or through the mobile app.

Key Benefits

  • Customise your dashboards: Build them easily using widgets with charts and tables
  • Focus on priority areas: Include standard items, such as inventory and sales mix analysis. You can also feature deep analytics including pivot tables, menu analysis, supplier analysis, ‘what-if’ analysis, ABC/XYZ analysis and more
  • Set accessibility levels: Create dashboard access level rules ‘by role’ among your team, which can be especially useful for larger operations, such as chains
  • Build detailed reports: Use Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) for complex calculations, trend analysis and data modelling

Proactive & predictive analytics

When you're working flat out and too busy to check your dashboards, wouldn't it be far easier if your system simply sent you an email, telling you how you’ve been doing this week and last week — and making a prediction about next week? With Syrve, your tech can act in a helpful and proactive way.

Key Benefits

  • Trust the same unified platform: Predictive analytics is part of your unified system and doesn’t rely on third-party apps
  • Let the system keep watch for you: Run proactive and predictive analytics in the background, tracking activities according to rules set by you
  • Use machine learning: Manual tasks can be predicted and pre-populated
  • Act early: Potential problems and opportunities can be sensed and presented to you

Real time profit & loss

You can track your operational P&L within Syrve every day and improve your performance — by spotting critical factors that make the difference. This is possible because Syrve's platform has front of house and back of house operating in sync and in real time. Just check your P&L whenever you want.

Key Benefits

  • View your inventory in real time: Stock levels are easy to monitor, waste and inter-store transfers are logged, ordering is based on accurate sales predictions, and goods are receipted on the spot. All documents are entered in the system in real time
  • See sales data instantly: Not only can you check each day’s revenue, but also identify your most profitable dishes and follow the performance of meal deals and other promotions
  • Monitor labour costs: Our smart POS will predict busy periods, so you can schedule staff levels to match. You can also see all your employee costs in one place, whether you’ve got a single location or multiple outlets
  • Check running costs: Operating expenses can be factored in too (such as energy and services)

Use critical data effectively

With instant insights and the right tools, you can improve day-to-day productivity. But Syrve's data can be exported into financial and other types of systems — potentially saving you a small fortune in integration and accountancy fees. With Syrve, you get this for free. Our all-in-one system saves you time and money.

Key Benefits

  • Save time and money: Integrate easily and share data with leading software, including BI, ERP, accounting and HR apps
  • Boost accuracy: Avoid mistakes from manually re-keying numbers from one system to another
  • Make more informed decisions: Have all your accurate real time data in the right application when considering funding, investment, expansion and other strategic business decisions

FAQ's: Your Questions Answered

What sort of metrics can I report on?

Almost everything. With Syrve, you can monitor more than 200 business metrics, including costs, revenue, and efficiency… and see all your scores in one place.

Do I have to view every KPI?

No! Syrve allows you to customise your dashboards. Track the KPIs and metrics that best reflect your business, and focus on those areas that are a main priority.

How accurate is Syrve reporting?

Syrve’s reporting and predictive analytics all come from data stored across your Syrve system. There’s no disconnects between front and back-of-house. Events are captured where they happen in-store, so no re-keying, duplication or errors – you know your figures are trustworthy.

Will data be available to everyone?

Not if you don’t want it to be. Syrve allows you to set permissions and accessibility levels by role among your team, so you can keep data on a ‘need to know’ level.

Does Syrve support complex reporting?

Absolutely! You can use Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) for complex calculations, trend analysis, and data modelling, for more niche insights.

What can I do with my Syrve reports?

As Syrve integrates seamlessly with other software and systems, you can feed your report data into business intelligence, ERP, and HR apps to maximise its value.

Where can I generate/view reports?

From anywhere, at any time. Syrve’s reporting and analytics capabilities are available 24/7 on any connected phone, tablet, or laptop, so you can always keep track.

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