Manage your menu pricing to optimise profits:

Sharpen your competitive edge. Get a data-driven understanding of what customers are willing to pay.

Old World
Which dishes are your most profitable? Restaurants can lack a razor-sharp awareness of margins and what customers are willing to pay. Discover how to find the answers.
New World
Make sure you’re always in-step with customers’ tastes and wallets. Ensure your menu is always ‘on point’ and priced correctly. Find out how it’s done.

"It’s time to rethink and energise restaurant operations. Now your people, tech and processes work in perfect sync."

The Challenge:
Common Issues:
Understanding the complexity:
The Solution:

The Challenge:

  • Lack of information about the popularity of dishes
  • Inability to see the true cost of menu items
  • Price promotions fail to drive profitability

Common Issues:

Costs, prices and expectations seems to be on-the-move continuallyin the restaurant industry. It’s important to stay in sync with customers’ wallets. As a result, you can achieve greater profitability through ‘on-point’ pricing that drives sales.

Understanding the complexity:

Let’s start by examining your current operations:

  • Can you track your sales data in real-time?
  • Are you able to identify your most profitable dishes?
  • Can you track customer order frequency and value?
  • Have you considerd personalised pricing?
  • Is it easy to update prices across all your locations?
  • Are your promotions cutting through?
  • Are you able to build customer loyalty using incentives?
  • Can you use analytics to predict demand for menu items?

These questions will help to uncover the best answers.

The Solution:

Is your menu pricing always ‘on point’? With Syrve, you can identify your most profitable dishes, best sellers and how to price your menu and promotions in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

You can use your menu as a strategic tool to boost profitability. Our tools will provide real-time insights on sales and analysis of true costs. You’ll get customisable data on buying behaviour,preferences and demand.

You can become an expert at price testing as well as dynamic and personalised pricing. Our tools will also help you to build customer loyalty through perfectly-pitched promotions. Ultimately, you’ll ensure your prices always align with market conditions, customer preferences and your overall business objectives.

Manage your menu pricing to optimise profits

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