Take your promotions to the next level

When it comes to promotions, restaurant brands need plenty of options in their toolkit. That way, you can adjust prices when and where they’ll deliver the best return for you. It could be trial run for a special offer at a particular restaurant – or a promotion across all your outlets that relate to specific customer groups. Syrve makes it easy to plan and target with precision.

Common issues for restaurants

Today’s price-sensitive consumers are always looking for good deals – and word spreads quickly on social media. Restaurants must stay nimble, rolling our great offers but without giving away their profits. But without the right tools, more nuanced promotions can become complex to deliver and manage

Clear signs of challenges with discounts and promotions

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • You need a sharper competitive edge:
    Your team keeps coming up with exciting offers that you’d like to test out. But you lack the tools to deliver these ideas – and track their success.
  • Promotions feel like a blunt tool:
    It’s too tricky to vary prices between locations, at different times and at different rates.
  • You lack targeting options:
    Your teams are unable to personalise promotions based on customer groups.
  • Promotions need tracking:
    You lack the data to prove how special offers contribute to your sales – which makes them hard to justify afterwards and next time around.

How to take your promotions to the next level

Syrve’s technology empowers you to make real-time adjustments and enhance overall financial performance, specifically in the domain of discount and promotion management.

Diversify and manage your offers

The ability to offer imaginative discounts and promotions can significantly impact customer attraction and retention, boosting sales and profitability.

With Syrve, you can create and manage different promotions, including percentage or specific amount discounts, buy-one-get-one-free offers, and loyalty programmes. Our versatile tools allow you to manage discounts and promotions more simply and easily, optimising sales and profitability.

Create targeted offers with urgency and impact

Crafting targeted promotions for specific products, days of the week, or customer segments is crucial in helping you to steer demand in ways that suit your business.

Syrve allows you to set up time-limited promotions, track their performance and make adjustments as needed to optimise their impact. By creating urgency, you can encourage customers to make a purchase, ultimately boosting sales and profitability.

Build customer loyalty using incentives

In addition to setting up discounts and promotions, incentivising customers to try new menu items or visit your establishment more frequently is a powerful strategy.

Syrve enables you to build customer loyalty by rewarding repeat business and encouraging customers to refer their friends and family. This approach not only enhances the overall dining experience but also contributes to increased sales and profitability.

The bottom line

Effective discount and promotion management is at the core of restaurant success. Syrve’s intuitive technology helps you create a winning strategy that attracts customers and maximises revenue.

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