Monitor promotions and performance

It’s difficult to maximise revenue and profitability if you can’t see the full picture with menus – from ingredients costs, right through to the prices customers are willing to pay. Syrve gathers the data you need and presents it in a meaningful way – so you can make informed decisions that will impact your bottom line.

Common issues for restaurants

The setting of prices should never be left to gut feeling and guesswork – it’s a science. Today’s restaurants need to make precision-like decisions in real-time. But so often, the business-critical information they need is out of date, buried in spreadsheets or not available at all.

Clear signs of challenges with monitoring pricing

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Lack of sales insights:
    It’s difficult to analyse sales data to identify top-selling items and profitable menu items, making it challenging to adjust prices to increase profits.
  • Little knowledge of customer demand:
    Information on customer trends and buying patterns are out of reach, so it’s hard to create meaningful promotions.
  • Forecasting challenges:
    It’s difficult to analyse historical sales data and access real-time reporting and analytics so you can forecast demand realistically.
  • Inventory monitoring gaps:
    Under-stocking and over-stocking affects profitability because there’s a lack of visibility into your inventory.
  • Analysis bottlenecks:
    You face challenges in analysing real-time sales data, margins and customer behaviour to clearly see the connection with profitability.

How to monitor promotions and performance

Syrve’s technology empowers you to make real-time adjustments and enhance overall financial performance, specifically in the domain of discount and promotion management.

Profitable menus and top sellers

It’s essential to recognise which items are key to your revenue – and where there’s a need for healthier margins.

Syrve enables you to make pricing decisions based on real-time analysis. You can gain insights into your sales data, identifying high-performing items that drive revenue. Your teams can then use this information to strategically adjust prices and optimise profitability.

Customer behaviour and preferences

It’s important to stay ahead in the competitive landscape by tailoring your offerings to meet customer expectations.

With Syrve, you can track customer behaviour and view order frequency and value. These insights will be valuable as you adjust pricing and promotions to increase sales and deliver customer satisfaction.

Predicting demand

It’s important for innovative restaurants to be able to view historical sales data and leverage real-time reporting and analytics, so they can accurately predict demand for menu items.

Syrve’s insights allow you to adjust pricing and promotional strategies, ensuring they are always aligned with changing customer demand to maximise profits and capitalise on trends.

Monitoring and optimising stock levels

Restaurants can also adjust prices to reflect what’s in surplus or in short supply in their inventory. This is an effective way to avoid running short of items – or being left with excess stock and waste.

With Syrve, you can monitor inventory levels in real-time and receive automated suggestions for ordering when items are running low. You can prevent under-stocking and over-stocking to optimise inventory management. But if there’s an issue, then a pricing strategy can help.

Seeing the big picture

The ability to make informed adjustments based on performance insights contributes to maximising sales and profitability.

With Syrve, you can analyse real-time sales data, margins, and customer behaviour to identify areas for improvement in your pricing strategy. This data-driven analysis helps you to ensure your prices align with market conditions, customer preferences and overall business objectives.

The bottom line

Effective monitoring of pricing strategies and performance is at the core of restaurant success. Syrve’s intuitive technology helps you create a winning strategy that attracts customers and maximises revenue potential.

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