Inventory Control

Access Trustworthy, Real Time Data – All In One Place

Syrve gives you real time data and control of your inventory, from the big picture to the granular detail, plus all the tools needed to make key changes. Record your ‘ins’ (purchases), recipes (including items and batches), your ‘outs’ (sales and write-offs) and status/corrections (counts) all in one system. Capture events when they happen and reflect them instantly across your system.

Key Benefits

  • Increase profitability: Inventory management is key to success in avoiding wasteful purchases and reducing costs, while delivering on your menu. With Syrve, you gain visibility and control like never before. And it’s all available on your mobile phone
  • Monitor inventory easily: Use time-saving guided mobile counts to accurately reflect the stock in your fridges, freezers and storerooms
  • Unleash innovation: Use AI-based forecasting and automated purchasing to avoid over-stocking or running out of ingredients and losing sales
  • Spot opportunities for change: Test out ‘What if’ scenarios and ABC/XYZ analysis around changes to menus, suppliers, ingredients and prices — to sharpen inventory management

Key Capabilities

Mobile inventory checks
Automated purchasing
Recipe management
Easily reflect inventory changes & fix errors
Identify the difference between actual & theoretical costs
Real time visibility & analytics

Mobile inventory checks

Inventory checks are no longer a chore, thanks to Syrve tools your staff can use on a phone or tablet. You can complete checks regularly and quickly — to avoid waste and ensure you place the right orders at the right time. Guided inventory counts may be carried out to a predefined schedule to cover specific items and storage areas.

Key Benefits

  • Save valuable staff time: One pizza chain with 30 stores managed to reduce stock takes from 2.5 hours to 15 minutes per outlet. At this speed, it’s easy to run checks more regularly
  • Let tech handle the detail: Staff are notified of an inventory count, then guided by the app to the right location. They are automatically told what needs checking, using a pre-filled list of all the ingredients and products. If there are variances, they are told to recount before submitting
  • Get actionable data: As each check finishes, stock levels are updated automatically and any unexpected variances and cost figures are raised. You can then optimise your purchasing
  • See the big picture: With the results, you can understand product and ingredients usage — by individual store or across the company — for full control over purchasing

Automated purchasing

Syrve can help you to avoid over-purchasing or suffer a loss of sales from under-purchasing. Using your preferred suppliers and AI-based forecasting, the platform can automatically create and send purchase orders for you automatically — whenever stock levels get low. This is an option you can fully configure.

Key Benefits

  • Save time: Optimise your inventory by switching automatic replenishment ‘on’ for every item on your menu. System-generated orders are sent by email or EDI to your preferred suppliers
  • Satisfy customers and avoid waste: Avoid over-stocking and spoilage, or having to reduce your menu and losing sales
  • Perfect timing: Easily reorder when items dip below your threshold criteria. Place automatic orders based on sales forecasts, current stock holding and the delivery schedule of your suppliers
  • Track order status: Accept shipments in a few clicks on a tablet or mobile, let the system replenish the stock in the system automatically, rate the performance of suppliers and use spend data to inform your procurement strategy and negotiations

Recipe management

You can streamline and centralise your recipe management, understanding the true cost of every dish without getting lost in complexity — and see the impact on your bottom line. Syrve enables you to create a recipe per size of an item and accommodate yield.

Key Benefits

  • Maximise margin: Calculate plate costs and improve yield percentages
  • Keep it simple: Easily manage recipes and modifiers
  • Minimise costs: Reduce percentage of waste from batch production and receive vital batch information from the kitchen in real time
  • Improve strategy: Monitor how changes in suppliers, global food prices and operating costs will impact future revenue

Easily reflect inventory changes & fix errors

With Syrve, you can identify inventory variances, drill down to track every movement of that ingredient and easily fix the root cause (such as wrong price in consignment). There’s just one, highly-transparent system for everything — and it all works in real time.

Key Benefits

  • Track everything: Every ingredient in your inventory is recorded and tracked— from purchasing through to production, sale or wastage
  • Fix errors: Scroll back to any moment and pinpoint errors quickly, including those in consignments, issues found after stock takes, problems in pricing of initial stock or charging mistakes by suppliers
  • Get numbers you can trust: Ensure your operational Profit & Loss in Syrve is accurate. Syrve gives you one version of the truth, actionable insights and greater confidence in your business

Identify the difference between actual & theoretical costs

Successful inventory control requires managers to rely on trustworthy data — rather than going with gut instinct. With Syrve, you can see actual costs verses theoretical costs. You can view metrics on your mobile device in real time, track changes and compare them across sites.

Key Benefits

  • Get the full picture on costs: Gain greater visibility and control of your cost base
  • Power in your hands: Access real time, accurate data on your mobile device
  • Spot issues quickly: Detect waste, loss, theft and delivery errors
  • Identify trends: Easily track and compare metrics with previous periods and compare performance across your sites

Real time visibility & analytics

With your inventory operating in real time, you can look across your locations and know your immediate position — from stock levels to gross profit margins — with absolute confidence. It's also possible to see the impact of ‘What if’ scenarios and run ABC/XYZ analysis.

Key Benefits

  • See your inventory in real time: View everything from your operational costs down to batch production and the granular ingredient level. Track every stage in production, location and sale
  • React at speed: If you need to order more supplies, the system tells you; If you’re busy, the tech can order what you need — automatically; If one location needs stock from another, movements can be tracked easily
  • Strengthen vendor negotiations: Use accurate data to ensure you’re always getting the best deal
  • Protect margins and boost agility: Pinpoint which menu items are currently operating at a loss and which deliver the most profit. Test out ‘What if’ scenarios and ABC/XYZ analysis around changes to menus, suppliers, ingredients and prices — to see the impact on margin and revenue

FAQ's: Your Questions Answered

Why should I use Syrve for inventory control?

Syrve delivers ‘real-time’ numbers and insights you can trust. With one single version of the truth, you can enjoy greater confidence in your business, and be sure of where you stand.

What can I do with Syrve?

With Syrve, you can record your purchases, recipes, items and batches, and monitor sales, write-offs and any statuses or corrections, all in one easy-to-use system.

What does Syrve help me track?

Almost everything. Syrve can help you monitor every ingredient in your inventory, and keep track of those ingredients from purchasing to production to sales or wastage.

How many inventory control systems do I need?

With Syrve, you can do everything with just one system, and one software licence. Syrve is a fully comprehensive, highly transparent system that does what you need it to.

What’s the data lag with Syrve?

There isn’t one. Syrve enables you to capture events in real-time, where they happen. This eliminates duplication, errors and delays. You can, however, drill down to track every movement of ingredients, identify variances and easily fix the root cause.

Where can I view my data?

You can see your inventory data right in your own hands. With Syrve, you can access real time, accurate data on any connected mobile device, from any location.

Is it easy to accept shipments through Syrve?

Yes, in just a few simple clicks! Using a tablet device or smartphone, your team can effortlessly accept shipments and let the system automatically replenish stock levels.

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