Reduce your costs by tackling food waste:

Ingredients costs are sky-high. Make sure virtually nothing gets wasted. Track every spoonful, every penny.

Old World
Food prices are sky-high. Every wasted scrap can take a bite out of your profit. Restaurants must be on top of this, every day. Let’s figure this out.
New World
Let’s treat food as a precious commodity – from delivery to plate – with nothing slipping through your fingers. With our help, you can minimise waste and stay in control … in real-time.

"It’s time to rethink and energise restaurant operations. Now your people, tech and processes work in perfect sync."

The Challenge:
Common Issues:
Understanding the complexity:
The Solution:

The Challenge:

  • Overstocking means food is often wasted
  • Overproduction and poor inventory management
  • Regular discrepancies in stock counts

Common Issues:

Waste is a big factor in the cost of goods sold (COGS). With so much money tied up in food inventory, restaurants must get better at identifying where waste occurs – and find ways to reduce this to the bare minimum. We can help.

Understanding the complexity:

Let’s start by examining your current operations:

  • How accurate are your inventory records at any moment?
  • Do you encounter discrepancies in stock counts?
  • What method do you use to carry out stock checks?
  • Do you have unexplained reductions in profit margins?
  • re overstocked items perishing?
  • Can you creatively repurpose close-to-expiry stock?
  • Are you able to anticipate future demand?
  • Do you have ways to streamline timely ordering?

These questions will help to uncover the best answers.

The Solution:

With Syrve, it’s easier to treat food as a precious commodity. We’ll give you intuitive tools to track ingredients and minimise waste.

You can maintain complete visibility and control over stock movements to prevent excess costs, spoilage and theft – and also address shrinkages. Our solution also helps you to eliminate overproduction. You can optimise recipes, manage batches and portion sizes, and repurpose close-to-expiry stock.

We’ll also show you the bigger picture, where you can track sales data, inventory levels, procurement practices and other relevant metrics in real-time. You’ll identify trends and patterns to minimise food waste and save money.

Reduce your costs by tackling food waste

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