Minimising mistakes

Can you trust the information that’s flowing through your restaurant operation? When mistakes, oversights and delays creep in, this can impact orders, inventory and the financial information you need as the basis for smart business decisions. Accuracy is the bedrock for efficiency and reducing COGS.

Common challenges for restaurants

Ineffective inventory management, order processing errors and a lack of real-time insights significantly contribute to this issue.

Clear signs that mistakes are a problem

Do these frustrating issues keep arising?

  • Communication challenges:
    Relying on handwritten orders increases the risk of mistakes, impacting the kitchen, irritating customers and leading to food being returned.
  • Portion size issues:
    Too much food is served and then wasted, or customers complain that portion sizes are too small.
  • Issues with disparate order channels:
    Managing orders from various channels separately (websites apps, kiosks and third-party delivery apps) can result in a lack of visibility, leading to mismanagement in food preparation, overcooking and mistakes in dish preparation.
  • Inventory variances across locations:
    Inconsistencies in inventory actions across multiple stores can lead to tracking errors affecting food preparation issues, lost sales and wastage.

How to minimise mistakes

Centralised inventory management

Efficiently managing products, menu items, pre-prepared foodstuffs, modifiers and contractor services is vital for effective inventory control.

Syrve’s Stocklist Reference Book provides a centralised, comprehensive tool for editing, moving, deleting and recovering items. This allows for more effective and streamlined inventory control.

Eliminating handwritten errors

Paper-based order taking can be prone to errors that lead to food being wasted – and chefs spending time creating new dishes.

With Syrve, your waiting staff can take orders digitally and these are sent through immediately to the kitchen. This creates clarity, minimises misinterpretation and enables seamless communication between front-of-house and kitchen staff. Orders can be tracked too.

Accurate portion sizes

Making portion sizes too large by mistake will eat into profits, create waste and begin to distort your inventory. It’s an issue that needs fixing as a priority.

Syrve can generate kitchen prep plans automatically and provide standardised recipes with the right measurements for staff to follow.

Syrve’s integrated scales and portion control devices ensure that each dish is prepared with accurate quantities, avoiding unnecessary waste. By closely monitoring and controlling the amount of food produced in each batch, restaurants can align their production with actual demand.

Tracking and streamlining orders from every channel

Streamlining order processing from various channels into one visible process flow is essential for kitchen staff to prioritise food preparation and manage timings across multiple stations.

Syrve consolidates orders from diverse channels and provide touch screens, bump bars and POS views. These enable kitchen staff to easily prioritise food preparation. With real-time information on dish preparation status, cooking time countdowns and actionable items, you can minimise the risk of overcooking or preparation mistakes, ensuring a smooth and error-free kitchen operation.

The system tracks every order from acceptance to delivery – allowing kitchen staff to record progress, prevent mislaid orders and efficiently manage the entire order fulfilment process. This enhances overall efficiency and reduces errors in a bustling kitchen environment.

If you deliver food yourself, then Syrve can distribute orders among drivers based on locations availability and workload. This provide optimised routes, increases delivery efficiency and eliminates mistakes, contributing to a seamless and error-free delivery process.

Real-time inventory tracking across units

Keeping track of all inventory actions across every store in real-time is crucial for identifying variances and preventing errors before they impact costs.

Syrve’s Multi-Location Management feature provides a centralised platform for real-time tracking of inventory actions, enhancing visibility and control across multiple locations.

Inventory changes and fixes

Quickly identifying and correcting errors is essential for maintaining accurate inventory records. This can include consignments, issues found after stock takes, problems of initial stock, or charging mistakes by suppliers.

Syrve’s Inventory Changes & Fixes feature allows you to scroll back to any moment, pinpoint errors quickly and easily correct them, ensuring the accuracy of inventory data.

The bottom line

Trustworthy data is key to operational efficiency and reducing costs. Syrve’s comprehensive features provide the tools needed to streamline operations and eliminate errors.

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