Preventing overstocking

Running a restaurant is a constant juggling act between saving on the cost of goods sold (COGS) and delivering an outstanding dining experience. Striking the right balance means keeping enough inventory to meet demand without causing unnecessary waste. Finding effective ways to avoid overstocking is key.

Common issues for restaurants

Too little inventory might mean running out of popular dishes, resulting in lost sales. On the flip side, too much inventory leads to increased costs, surplus waste and environmental concerns.

Clear signs that overstocking is a problem

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Excessive food discards:
    Overstocked items may sit in your inventory for too long, perishing over time. If your kitchen regularly throws away unused ingredients, it’s a clear sign that overstocking is hurting your operations.
  • Spending more without earning more:
    If your food costs rise, but your sales don’t, then excess inventory might be cutting into your profits.
  • Storage space squeeze:
    Packed storage areas consistently signal a need to rethink stocking strategies to avoid unnecessary waste.

To tackle overstocking, our solution uses cutting-edge technology to find that sweet spot, so you can save wasting your resources.

How to prevent overstocking

Syrve’s technology enhances key functions that make a difference.

Inventory tracking: Preventing waste, maximising efficiency

Overstocking leads to more food waste and avoidable costs.

Syrve’s automated system updates stock levels during inventory counts. By highlighting unexpected variances and their costs, the system ensures precise tracking of product levels and consumption rates – so stock levels don’t get out of control. Expiration dates are tracked too, which further prevents the overstocking of perishable items.

Demand forecasting: Precision planning for optimal inventory

Accurate demand forecasting is vital for optimal inventory levels and avoiding overstocking.

Syrve Demand Forecasting serves as a helpful ally, using advanced analytics to provide precise predictions based on sales patterns, seasonal trends and various influencing factors. This ensures optimal inventory levels, preventing overstocking and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

PO management: Streamlining orders and preventing excess

Preventing over-ordering is crucial for cost-effective operations. Automatic orders based on accurate sales forecasts and current stock levels can help.

Syrve PO Management streamlines the ordering process by automating orders when items fall below set criteria, factoring in current stock holding and supplier delivery schedules. This prevents overstocking and unnecessary costs, ensuring a smooth and efficient supply of ingredients.

Recipe management: Precision for reduced waste

Accurate ingredient tracking minimises food waste. Recipe management calculates exact ingredient amounts for each menu item, providing visibility into yield stage percentages, preventing overstocking and minimising overall food waste.

Syrve Recipe Management ensures precision in ingredient tracking by calculating exact amounts for each menu item and providing visibility into two yield stage percentages. This contributes to a more sustainable kitchen by preventing overstocking and minimising food waste.

Data analytics: Smart decisions for menu optimisation

Smart menu optimisation is crucial for cost reduction without compromising quality. Data analytics empowers you to identify adjustments, optimise inventory levels and reduce costs without compromising quality.

Syrve Data Analytics provides actionable insights for smart decision-making, identifying which menu items to adjust or axe, where to use fewer expensive ingredients to reduce cost and use up substitute ingredients, without comprising on quality. This ensures an efficient approach to menu optimisation.

The bottom line

In the competitive world of restaurants, preventing overstocking is essential for sustainable and profitable operations. Syrve’s features equip you to minimise waste, optimise inventory and create a more sustainable and successful kitchen.

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