Identify your most profitable dishes

You can unlock the full potential of your restaurant by ensuring your menu is not just a list of dishes but a strategic tool to boost profitability. With Syrve’s advanced technology, you can analyse, optimise and identify your most profitable menu items to elevate your restaurant's success.

Common issues for restaurants

Is your menu holding back your profitability because it’s priced incorrectly – given the true cost of ingredients – and out of sync with customer demand? If so, it’s time to take action.

Clear signs that recipe control is a challenge

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Inaccurate sales insights:
    It’s hard to track the real-time profitability and popularity of menu items – and their contribution to your bottom line.
  • Limited cost tracking:
    You’re unable to see the true cost of each menu item because you’re unable to in monitor ingredient costs and waste in real-time.
  • Menu blind-spots:
    Without knowing the profitability of each dish, you’re unable to remove low-profit items or promote high-profit menu choices.

How to improve menu profitability

Syrve’s technology enhances menu profitability and drives overall restaurant performance.

Real-time insights on sales

It’s essential for restaurants to stay current with customer preferences and trends to minimise waste, strategically plan menus, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Syrve allows you to track sales data in real-time, providing insights into the profitability and popularity of each menu item. You can identify and promote the star dishes and remove financial under-performers to boost your bottom line.

Cost tracking: Understanding ‘true’ costs

Managers need to track ingredient costs, waste and other expenses to determine the actual profitability of their offerings. You can keep track of ingredient costs and waste in real-time with Syrve, ensuring an accurate cost calculation and margin of each menu item – so you can set prices realistically.

Monitoring popularity and revenue

Knowing your big earners is key. By consistently tracking the performance of each dish, restaurants can identify which items are customer favourites and contribute the most to overall revenue.

Syrve enables you to track the performance of menu items over time, including their popularity and profitability. You can identify trends and make data-driven decisions on pricing and menu planning.

Price testing: Fine-tune for success

Managers need to know if a price increase for a dish will boost sales and revenue – or turn off customers? Similarly, would a slight price reduction suddenly cause sales to take off?

Syrve enables you to track the performance of menu items over time, including their popularity and profitability. You can test different prices for menu items in specific locations and receive a complete analysis of the impact on sales and profitability.

The bottom line

Effective menu profitability is at the core of restaurant success. Syrve’s intuitive technology helps you create a menu that attracts customers and also maximises your revenue.

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