Improving decision making

Is there a need for firmer control of labour costs in your restaurants? When the business is growing, a relative increase in labour spend is understandable. But sometimes labour costs can be out-of-sync with business performance. This raises a series of questions: What’s causing the labour increase, is it justified and can you reduce costs without harming service quality?

Seeing what’s really happening with payroll

Leaders and managers require actionable insights, available in real-time – so they can make fully informed decisions about labour costs. You need the key facts at your fingertips, from the big picture down to the granular detail.

Three signs showing that change is needed

Here are signs your organisation may be grappling with labour cost issues:

  • High labour costs without growth: If you notice your labour costs remain high without a clear connection to revenue growth, it’s a sign that you need to enhance decision-making.
  • Variable service quality: If service quality fluctuates during different shifts, it’s an indicator of inconsistent staffing.
  • High employee turnover: Frequent employee turnover due to burnout is a red flag – and it’s time to reconsider your staffing strategy.

Our solution is designed to tackle these challenges head-on.

Real-time analytics

Imagine having access to real-time analytics when managing staffing levels and scheduling to optimise your labour costs? For instance, if sales are lower during certain times of the day, you can adjust staffing levels without compromising service quality. Similarly, if certain menu items are not selling well, you can adjust inventory and staffing levels to reduce waste and avoid over-staffing.

Syrve’s real-time analytics tool provides you with the data you need to make informed decisions about staffing and scheduling. With this tool, you can monitor key metrics and trends as they happen, allowing you to make quick adjustments to staffing levels to optimise labour costs.

Real-time P&L

Consider the benefits of having access to a real-time Profit & Loss (P&L) statement when managing restaurant operations. You can identify particularly profitable or unprofitable areas of the business and make strategic decisions about menu items, pricing and promotions to increase profitability while reducing labour costs.

Syrve’s real-time P&L tool empowers you to track the financial health of your restaurant in real-time, providing insights into which areas of your business are the most profitable and which ones may need adjustments to enhance profitability while reducing labour expenses.

The bottom line

Our solutions empower business owners and managers to take control of their decision-making processes, ensuring a more efficient and cost-effective approach to managing labour costs.

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