Eliminate under and over-staffing

UK restaurant chains face a constant challenge: How to strike the right balance between cost management and providing exceptional customer experience. Getting your staffing levels correct is the key to success. But how can this be managed in the most effective way?

Pressures on managers and teams

The concern of understaffing leading to subpar service and customer loss, or overstaffing causing financial strain, weighs heavily on restaurant executives. These challenges not only impact the financial health of the business but also take a toll on the restaurant’s staff, who often bear the brunt of irregular shifts and unexpected overtime.

The stakes are high, and getting staffing wrong from the start can have far-reaching consequences.

Three signs showing that change is needed

Here are the unmistakable symptoms of staffing issues:

  • Inconsistent service quality: If service quality varies between shifts, it’s a sign of inconsistent staffing.
  • High labour costs: Soaring labour costs without a clear link to increased business can indicate overstaffing or scheduling issues.
  • Frequent employee turnover: If you’re frequently hiring new staff due to burnout, it’s time to reassess your staffing strategy.

Syrve’s solution addresses these pressing concerns, providing a way to streamline operations and improve employee morale.

Data-driven staff scheduling

Accurate staff scheduling is essential to avoid under-staffed shifts, which can result in poor service, lost revenue, and stressed-out employees. Conversely, it’s crucial to avoid overstaffing, which drains resources unnecessarily.

Syrve uses historical data and trends to predict customer demand, ensuring you have the right number of staff during each shift to plan your staffing levels in advance and adjust your schedules accordingly.

Timely schedule notifications

Providing staff with clear schedules in advance is essential to reduce employee tardiness, absences, and disruptions in workflow. This not only improves productivity but also staff morale.

Syrve ensures that staff schedules are communicated well in advance, preventing last-minute surprises.

Performance monitoring

Proactive performance monitoring is vital to identify and address issues like absenteeism and tardiness. Reducing the need for costly overtime and ensuring adequate staffing levels boosts both profitability and staff satisfaction.

Syrve tracks employee attendance, punctuality and adherence to scheduled shifts, allowing for early interventions and necessary measures to maintain a smoothly running restaurant.

The bottom line

In the competitive restaurant world, optimising staffing levels is key. Syrve removes the barriers so you can get this right. We know it’s not just about profit; it’s about a happier work environment for your staff.

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