Automate manual admin tasks

Restaurant labour costs are closely tied to manual effort. Some admin activities require your managers’ hands-on skills and personal attention. But there are a host of time-consuming, payroll-related management tasks that can be automated.

Saving money and boosting performance

Automating routine processes can lead to precise record-keeping and streamlined operations, helping you avoid unnecessary costs and ensure compliance with regulations.

How to tell if change is needed

These are signs that your organisation needs to consider automation:

  • Inaccurate payment disputes: Managing staff contracts and attendance records manually can lead to errors and disputes over working hours or outdated health records, affecting payroll accuracy.
  • Time-consuming time tracking: Manual time tracking can consume valuable hours every week. It’s also prone to errors and hinders efficient labour cost management.
  • Labour cost inefficiency: Manual scheduling processes can
    be time-consuming and lead to over-staffing, resulting in higher labour costs.
  • Performance inefficiencies: Managers may struggle to easily identify high performers, uncover areas for improvement, and optimise efficiency. It would be a huge advantage if you could produce performance metrics automatically.

Our solution is designed to tackle these challenges head-on.

Staff contracts and records

Automating the management of staff contracts and attendance records electronically ensures accurate payment for hours worked. It also helps in keeping staff health records and tests up to date, complying with laws and regulations, and avoiding fines and legal fees.

With Syrve, you can easily store staff contracts and attendance records electronically, streamlining the process and preventing costly overpayments or legal issues.

Time tracking

Automatically tracking employee hours, clocking in and out, breaks, and overtime eliminates the need for manual time tracking. This saves time, minimises errors and supports better labour cost management.

Syrve allows you to automate time tracking, ensuring precise records and greater efficiency.

Schedule creation

Creating schedules automatically increases accuracy because it’s based on labour demand, employee availability and other factors. This saves time and effort for managers while optimising staffing levels.

With Syrve, automatic schedule creation is a breeze. You can set staffing levels correctly and save money.

Reporting and analytics

Automatically tracking employee performance metrics helps you to identify top performers, areas for improvement, and ensures your staff achieve standards.

Syrve empowers you to automate performance tracking, helping you to minimise waste, enhance efficiency and reduce payroll costs.

The bottom line

With data-driven decisions, automated time tracking, efficient scheduling and performance metrics, Syrve empowers UK restaurant leaders and managers to take control of their organisation’s financial health and compliance.

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