Track ingredient costs

Could you tell immediately if the price of a key ingredient jumped by 10%, if your inventory became heavily overstocked with at-risk items or if one of your most popular dishes barely made any money? Being able to track the costs of ingredients is fundamental to profitability.

Common issues for restaurants

So often, margins can be won or lost by how successfully restaurants are able to track the cost of ingredients. However, managers often lack the insights and controls to stay on top. When issues arise, it’s often too late – money has been spent already.

Clear signs of challenges around ingredients pricing

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • Pricing errors:
    You notice unexplained fluctuations in ingredient costs that can lead to pricing errors, impacting your bottom line and eroding profit margins.
  • Inventory challenges:
    Overstocks and understocks can disrupt your operations.
  • Lack of procurement control:
    The absence of consistent procurement practices has led to increased costs and operational disarray.

To address these challenges, Syrve uses advanced but intuitive technology to bring order and efficiency to your procurement processes.

How to track ingredients costs

Syrve’s technology offers comprehensive features to strengthen procurement.

Real-time inventory counts: Precision management for efficient operations

In the hustle of daily operations, tracking inventory levels in real-time is paramount, ensuring you can maintain optimal stock levels and can meet customer demand.

Syrve enables you to capture every detail required to get a true picture: sales, production, stock counts, wastage, transfers – as everything happens, providing accurate data for better decision-making.

Being able to monitor your stock levels in real-time saves you from emergency purchasing or food going to waste. You can plan ahead — ordering the right quantities at the right prices from the best suppliers.

Real-time data: Analytics for menu decisions

nalysing menu items with data analytics is crucial for profitability, providing invaluable insights into customer preferences and the profit margins of every dish.

Syrve enables you to identify items with optimal margins and popularity in real-time. As a result, you can add, adjust or remove items from your menu – and shift towards higher margins. This dynamic approach ensures your menu always stays profitable while aligning with customer preferences.

Supplier and price monitoring: Enhancing procurement

Meticulously monitoring individual ingredient prices is essential for maintaining cost control.

Syrve empowers you to track and assess ingredients and prices from all your suppliers. You can also perform insightful ‘what-if’ analysis on the potential impact of changing suppliers. This strategic approach allows you to make informed decisions and optimise costs effectively.

The bottom line

Optimising procurement processes is imperative for success. Syrve equips you to streamline your procurement procedures, achieve consistency and ensure cost control.

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