Assess suppliers

Who are your best suppliers – the ones who deliver quality products consistently on time and at the right price without mistakes? Understanding the performance of each company will help you to direct your spend in the right direction. You’ll save money and build lasting relationships.

Common issues for restaurants

Chefs, managers and other staff will often have a gut instinct about which suppliers are the best and the worst. But restaurants need accurate data to make better decisions about which suppliers to use, so they can achieve smoother operations and save money.

Clear signs that an assessment of suppliers is essential

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • Profitability analysis:
    It’s not easy to check and compare the prices you’re being charged by different suppliers at any given moment.
  • Discrepancies and errors:
    It would helpful to know which suppliers are associated with discrepancies and errors in pricing – but this information is hard to reach.
  • Poor compliance and risk management:
    You need a way to flag and capture food quality issues among suppliers.
  • Supplier ratings and feedback:
    It’s tricky to tell which of your suppliers are the best. If only your team could leave feedback track supplier performance in real-time.
  • Ongoing communication issues:
    It’s difficult to contact and appraise suppliers – and build relationships – because their contact and account manager information is out of date.

To address these challenges, Syrve provides the tools so you can analyse profitability, assess suppliers and streamline procurement processes.

Profitability analysis: Data-driven decision-making

Good decisions are powered by easily-accessible data – and that’s essential when you’re examining supplier relationships and pricing.

Syrve’s Profitability Analysis empowers you to review your pricing, suppliers and menu items. You can also see the impact on your profit margins if you decided to make changes.

Discrepancies and errors: Root cause resolution

Identifying and rectifying discrepancies and errors with supplier pricing is crucial for ensuring transparency and accuracy in procurement processes.

Syrve allows you to thoroughly analyse supplier data and pinpoint any errors with deliveries and pricing. By tracking every movement of ingredients, Syrve enables you to swiftly identify and correct root causes.

Supplier ratings and feedback

It’s vital to see the big picture when it comes to the performance of each supplier – gathering the real-time feedback from across your teams and restaurants and accessing everything in one place.

With Syrve’s Supplier Rating & Feedback tool, you can gain access to a centralised platform that tracks all purchase orders, provides visibility into current orders, monitors their status, and enables you to assess supplier problems and ratings. This streamlined approach saves you from having to access each restaurant’s experiences separately, so you get the full story on supplier performance, alongside their up-to-date contact details.

The bottom line

Assessing suppliers is not just about finding the best deals; it’s about strategic decision-making that leads to lasting success. Syrve equips you with powerful tools to assess suppliers, optimise procurement processes and ensure cost control.

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