Automate purchasing workflow

Purchasing large quantities of valuable ingredients from multiple suppliers can be complicated. There are so many moving parts – and it’s always possible that money slips between the cracks and no-one notices. Restaurants need to adopt an automated workflow for purchasing that helps everyone and keeps spending under control.

Common issues for restaurants

Chefs, managers and other members of the restaurant team are often rushed off their feet. Sending orders is one thing – knowing if items have arrived, are available in the inventory, and have been paid for correctly is quite another challenge. But the latest technology can help.

Clear signs that automating purchasing workflow is needed

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • Poor communications with suppliers:
    Orders sometimes ‘disappear’ or extra items arrive without warning and there’s no easy way to check records.
  • Missed opportunities:
    Failure to negotiate pricing or pay agreed amounts can impact your bottom line and erode profit margins.
  • Badly-timed ordering:
    Purchases are made too early or too late – leading to overstocking or scarcity in your inventory.
  • Limited visibility:
    It’s hard to check order status, inventory levels and payments in real-time – and this disrupts your operations.
  • Time-consuming processes:
    Manual reconciliation and order consolidation processes are time-consuming and prone to errors, affecting overall efficiency.

To address these challenges, Syrve brings automation, order accuracy, and efficiency to your procurement processes.

How to automate purchasing workflow

Syrve’s technology offers comprehensive features to enhance procurement processes.

Automated order generation: Efficient operations

In the hustle of daily operations, preparing and placing orders can be prone to errors. One manual slip-up could cost you dear.

Syrve eliminates this problem by automating the order generation process, based on a clear understanding of inventory levels, accurate sales forecasts and supplier delivery schedules.

With Syrve, you gain complete visibility into order status, know exactly when a purchase order was sent, track the goods received and manage invoices efficiently. This extends to orders from outlets to the central kitchen, providing you with complete visibility and control.

Syrve’s automated workflow seamlessly streamlines the entire purchasing process, delivering real-time updates and ensuring control over every critical step.

Automated food receiving: Streamlining inventory tracking

Managing the food receiving process is crucial. It ensures that your restaurant maintains a smooth and well-organised workflow, from the moment that shipments arrive. By automating the receiving process with Syrve, you gain real-time visibility into inventory levels and receive timely notifications, allowing your staff to handle shipments promptly.

Tracking inventory in real-time, including details about items and prices, helps you to make accurate comparisons with suppliers, ultimately leading to more effective negotiations and better deals. Additionally, the automation of record-keeping ensures you have accurate and comprehensive data, allowing you to identify patterns, track supplier errors and negotiate more favourable terms to improve cost control.

Automated settlement reconciliation

Tracking invoices and payments is simplified with Syrve’s automated settlement reconciliation. The system accurately monitors all invoices and payments, verifies balances for suppliers at the start and end of a period, and promptly identifies any discrepancies or overcharges.

With Syrve, you can effectively plan cash-flow by automating settlement reconciliation, mitigating the risk of late payments and fines. This ensures financial accuracy and streamlines processes, contributing to overall cost control.

Consolidated orders: Maximising cost efficiency

It’s important to gain any supplier discounts from volume orders.

With Syrve, you can automate the generation of production orders from your outlets. This means you can consolidate internal orders placed by different sub-divisions to one supplier per day under one form. This allows you to benefit from volume-based supplier discounts, maximising cost efficiency.

When receiving production orders from different stores within your chain, Syrve consolidates expenditure onto one invoice that covers all purchasing. This centralised approach provides control over all shipments.

The bottom line: Elevating restaurant efficiency

Syrve equips you to streamline your procurement procedures, achieve consistency and ensure cost control.

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