Digitise policies

With margins under intense pressure, restaurants need to keep every cost in check. That means sticking to standard operating procedures (SOPs) every time you purchase ingredients – and making processes easily available in a digital format. But how is this best achieved?

Common issues for restaurants

Traditionally, restaurants have relied on paper-based processes and manual ordering methods with suppliers. But this has to change if you want to check, control and optimise your procurement strategy and supplier relationships.

Clear signs that purchasing procedures need attention

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • Poor communications with suppliers:
    Miscommunication when orders are placed affects customer satisfaction, stresses your team, and requires extra resources in the kitchen to put things right quickly.
  • Cost discrepancies:
    You notice unexplained fluctuations in prices paid to suppliers, sometimes for the same items and quantities.
  • Stock level challenges:
    There’s either excess or insufficient stock in some of your stores sometimes, which can impact operations.
  • Lack of procurement control:
    Different restaurants and employees seem to be purchasing stock in a different way – and this results in extra cost and some disarray.
  • Poor compliance and risk management:
    You need a way to flag and capture food quality issues among suppliers.

To address these challenges, Syrve can bring order and efficiency to your procurement processes. Digitising policies and adopting standard operating procedures for purchasing can help to create the consistency you need.

How to digitise policies & SOPs for purchasing

Syrve’s technology offers comprehensive features to enhance procurement processes.

Standardised supplier orders: Streamlining purchasing

Effective supplier management is at the core of cost reduction. Standardising your ordering ensures you purchase from preferred vendors, ordering only the quantities needed while setting precise quantity controls.

With Syrve, you can effortlessly implement standardised purchasing procedures across all locations. This feature automates the procurement process, guaranteeing uniformity in stock levels and cost control.

Price list management: Fine-tuning pricing

Managing purchase prices demands meticulous attention, so you can safeguard margins.

Syrve’s Price List Management feature enables you to handle separate price lists per supplier for specific goods and services, complete with a permissible price variance (%). As a result, you can monitor and control price fluctuations – with guardrails to avoid paying too much.

Automated order updates: Keeping customers in the loop

Keeping a close eye on every detail of your supply chain and performance is crucial to ensure that your restaurant stays ahead of rapid changes and challenges in the industry.

Syrve helps you monitor every aspect of the purchasing process, swiftly identifying and resolving any issues. You can stay informed about your interactions with suppliers, track order progress, and assess supplier performance. You can make swift corrections too, from addressing a pricing mistake to realigning purchasing with your standard procedures. Our technology empowers you to ensure consistency, cost control and smooth operations.

The bottom line

Optimising procurement processes is key to success. Syrve equips you to streamline your procedures, achieve consistency, and ensure cost control across your restaurant business.

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