Take Upselling to a New level

Enhancing your restaurant's upselling capabilities is about more than just boosting sales – it's about creating memorable dining experiences. Customers appreciate thoughtful suggestions and great-value offers from your team. Syrve's innovative solutions empower your staff to upsell effectively while providing top-notch service.

Common issues for restaurants

In the dynamic restaurant environment, it’s often hard for staff to remember to upsell at the right moment. They may lack motivation too. Customers don’t get to hear about your latest deals and so your business misses out on extra revenue.

Clear signs of challenges with upselling

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Management headaches:
    Trying to launch, communicate and manage upsell promotions to your team is tricky.
  • Missed opportunities:
    Staff fail to suggest additional items or promotions when taking orders from customers.
  • Lack of personalisation:
    Staff cannot see a customer’s order history and preferences, so they’re unable to make personalised recommendations.
  • Ineffective incentives:
    It’s difficult to track and reward staff for successful upselling, so there’s little incentive for employees to raise their game.

How Syrve enhances upselling

Syrve’s technology addresses these upselling challenges, providing solutions to elevate your restaurant’s performance.

Profitable promotions to boost sales

Any upsell deals need to be profitable. But which items and offers could you include? Should there be seasonal specials, deals on desserts or two-for-one on cocktails?

Syrve’s Menu Engineering helps you design upsell offers that appeal to customers and maximise revenue. With data-driven insights, you can calculate the margin on every item and then price your upsell offers wisely.

Prompts to sell – at just the right moment

So often, staff can simply forget to mention an upsell offer during the order process. The moment passes and the opportunity is lost.

Syrve fixes this by automating upsell suggestions while staff are taking the orders. During the ordering process, the system recommends and applies enticing promotions like combo deals or add-ons. The system prompts your staff to suggest these deals to customers at just the right time, increasing their order value.

Personalised experiences

Regular customers appreciate when a restaurant understands them and values their loyalty. With Syrve, you can enable your staff to access a customer’s order history in real-time.

Syrve’s Order History feature enables servers to suggest items based on past preferences, creating a personalised dining experience. Perhaps there’s a bottle of wine they usually choose or they always select a specific side dish? The system remembers and tips off your team .

Performance incentives

It’s important to record the sales performance of your staff members and incentivise them. Then everyone will ‘up’ their game.

You can track staff performance easily with Syrve’s comprehensive analytics. By recording and rewarding every upsell, you’ll be able to motivate your team, promote best practices across the restaurant and improve revenue.

The bottom line

Effective upselling not only increases revenue but also enhances the overall dining experience. It’s an opportunity to develop your team’s sales abilities, elevate your restaurant’s performance and increase customer loyalty.

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