Incentivise Performance

Boosting your restaurant's performance is about more than numbers – it's about transforming work into a rewarding experience for your staff. Syrve helps you to create innovative solutions that incentivise and recognise outstanding performance, enhancing your operations, staff loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Common issues for restaurants

In the fast-paced restaurant industry, motivating staff and tracking performance can be challenging. Staff turnover and changing shift patterns can make it difficult to identify star players who show a great work ethic. Similarly, it’s tricky to spot those who are lagging behind and need extra encouragement or training.

Clear signs of challenges with staff performance

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Lack of motivation:
    Staff may lack the motivation to improve their performance, leading to complacency and lacklustre service.
  • High staff turnover:
    Valuable team members quit their jobs. There may be a sense that they feel undervalued and their efforts go unnoticed.
  • Lack of metrics:
    The absence of clear performance metrics can make it difficult to set goals, provide constructive feedback and incentivise improvement.
  • Limited feedback:
    Managers may struggle to provide timely feedback and coaching to staff, hindering improvement.
  • Ineffective incentives:
    Traditional reward programmes need to be managed manually and lack meaningful data.

How to deliver effective performance incentives

Syrve’s technology addresses performance-related challenges by providing solutions to motivate and recognise your staff. You can run effective company-wide rewards programmes that include all locations and shifts.

Gamification for healthy competition

Modern enterprises often incorporate gamification techniques to transform performance goals into a fun and engaging experience. But how could this work in the restaurant industry?

Syrve’s digital leadership board and personal pages allow staff to track their performance, receive feedback and gain recognition through rewards and contests. For example, it’s possible to see who upsells the most each week. This inspires healthy competition and motivates staff to continually enhance their performance.

Define and track goals

Staff performance insights need to be founded on data that’s recorded by a restaurant system. You can use this to set a baseline for sales – and then challenge staff to reach the next level.

Syrve’s Performance Metrics feature enables you to set clear goals, provide data-driven feedback to staff and incentivise them to improve their performance consistently. You can define and automatically track performance metrics such as sales targets, production and service delivery timescales, waste and upsell rates.

Real-time feedback and timely coaching

Restaurant managers need actionable insights in real-time – so they can correct staff issues quickly, rather than risking bigger problems developing.

Syrve’s tech equips managers with the tools to deliver immediate feedback and coaching to staff, fostering on-the-spot improvements. If someone’s attendance or sales numbers are poor, you can see immediately and intervene. As a result, you can elevate your team’s capabilities and ensure a continuous cycle of learning and growth.

Incentive programmes to reward excellence

It’s important to create and automatically track incentive programmes tailored to your staff’s achievements.

Syrve allows you to reward performance with monetary incentives like bonuses or commissions, as well as non-monetary incentives such as time off or recognition awards. You can streamline the incentive process and boost morale, encouraging a culture of excellence.

The bottom line

With Syrve, you can foster a culture of continuous improvement, recognise excellence and enhance employee satisfaction.

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