Boost guest satisfaction

Creating an unforgettable dining experience extends beyond the plate. Guests need to feel valued and prioritised. Syrve offers advanced solutions that enhance the ordering process and elevate the overall guest experience. From integrated ordering to personalised service, Syrve's technology can help to build long-term loyalty.

Common issues for restaurants

Today’s restaurants often focus heavily on food quality and price. This is essential. But customers are also sensitive to how they’re treated. They expect standout service if you want their frequent custom, lasting loyalty and personal recommendations, online and offline.

Clear signs of challenges with the guest experience

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Lengthy wait times:
    This can lead to customer frustration. Some may decide to leave early, without ordering extra drinks or desserts, vowing never to return.
  • Communication mishaps:
    If there is confusion or misunderstandings in the ordering process, it can be tough for staff to recommend and upsell.
  • Limited customer insights:
    Without access to customers’ preferences and order history, staff are unable to anticipate needs and create a rapport.
  • Slow responses to criticism:
    When customers share their concerns or vent loudly online, managers are slow to respond in a thoughtful and measured way.

How Syrve elevates the guest experience

Syrve’s technology helps your team to improve the guest experience.

Integrated ordering and payment

It’s important for today’s restaurants to be able to offer digital menus and ordering systems to accelerate the ordering process – so dishes are delivered accurately and on time.

Syrve’s Integrated Ordering and Payment system reduces wait times, enhances order accuracy, and allows staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service. You can enable customers to order from their tables via a QR code, use kiosks, or give their selections to servers. Your staff can record orders digitally and send them to the kitchen in a click.

Servers can also take customer payments conveniently at the table – on the same device as they use to take orders — rather than having to hunt for a card reader or queue at a terminal.

Personalised experiences

Customers want to be valued, understood and remembered. Even if your team can’t recall everyone, new technology can do this for you – so you can personalise the service you offer.

Syrve’s Customer Data Collection and Analysis empowers staff to create memorable experiences and boost guest satisfaction, with the increased likelihood of repeat business. You can capture customer data, including preferences, allergies and order history. This information becomes a powerful tool to personalise the guest experience, anticipate customer needs and make informed recommendations.

Staff performance management

Customers value a personalised service that’s polite and attentive. It’s important for restaurants to set high standards and encourage staff to develop skills in this area.

Syrve’s Staff Performance Management capabilities foster a culture of excellence, ultimately enhancing the guest experience and driving revenue. You can provide tools for managers to track staff performance, offer incentives and identify areas for improvement. Investing in staff development allows you to take customer service to the next level.

Feedback collection and response

It’s important to gather real-time feedback from customers through various channels – so you can reply quickly and address any service issues speedily.

Syrve’s Feedback Collection & Response system enables prompt and effective responses to customer concerns. Demonstrating a commitment to providing a positive guest experience builds customer loyalty and reinforces your restaurant’s reputation.

The bottom line

Seamless operations and personalised service contribute to an exceptional guest experience. With the right technology, your team can give customers the attention they value.

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