Improve communication between servers and customers

Good communication between servers and customers is crucial for a smooth-running restaurant and a seamless dining experience. Identifying and fixing any issues will be key to reducing wait times, minimising errors and helping restaurant operations to excel.

Common challenges for restaurants

In a lively restaurant environment, communication challenges between servers and customers can lead to order errors, delays and a poor dining experience. This can set the tone for the rest of the shift, causing friction between customers and staff.

Clear signs of communication problems

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Ordering errors:
    Miscommunication when orders are placed affects customer satisfaction, stresses your team, and requires extra resources in the kitchen to put things right quickly.
  • Extended wait times:
    Customers are getting frustrated, waiting too long before they can place their orders and get served. This may lead to bad reviews.
  • Manual order status updates:
    Servers have to keep asking the kitchen when food will be ready. This can be stressful and takes up their time.
  • Sub-standard customer service:
    Servers have to keep asking the kitchen when food will be ready. This can be stressful and takes up their time.

How to enhance communication

Syrve’s technology enhances key functions that make a difference.

Digital ordering: Making self-service easy for everyone

Streamlining the order-taking process can make menu selection easy for customers, while minimising errors and building rapport.

Syrve’s Digital Ordering capabilities enable quick and easy food selection. Customers can use self-service kiosks, online platforms and mobile apps. They can customise and confirm orders – and then speed them to the kitchen in a click. This is great for speed and accuracy.

Table side ordering: Order and pay without delay

Your waiting staff represent the face and voice of your brand in the eyes of customers. Providing good service during these first interactions is essential.

Syrve’s Table side Ordering allows waiting staff to take orders, send them through to the kitchen in a click, and take payments directly at the customer’s table. There’s no need for servers to return to a centralised till to add the order. This saves time for waiting staff, chefs and customers. It improves the dining experience and means you can serve more tables in less time, increasing revenue.

Digital menus: Let customers order on their own screens

Customers value speed and convenience. Letting people choose items, customise orders and then submit them from their own devices will prove popular. They can access your regular menu, explore specials, and check dietary details and options.

Syrve’s Digital Menus enable customers to browse and order food directly from their mobile phones or tablets. This saves on paper menus, ensures real-time updates, and provides a contemporary approach to menu management.

Automated order updates: Keeping customers in the loop

Keeping diners informed about the status of their orders can be good for customer service and contributes to a positive experience.

Syrve’s Automated Order Updates automatically notify customers about the progress of their orders, from preparation to completion. This ensures customers feel informed and valued, fostering trust in the restaurant’s service. By automating order updates, servers can focus on other essential tasks instead of manually checking in with customers.

Customer ratings: Getting valuable insights

Gathering feedback from customers on their experiences will help brands to fine-tune their offering and sharpen up on service.

Syrve’s Customer Ratings functionality allows you to gather insights into customer preferences and service quality. This data-driven approach gives you the big picture – as well as the finer detail – on what’s working well and where improvements can be made to the customer experience.

The bottom line

Great communication between customers and servers builds trust in your brand. This will be key to creating repeat business, lasting loyalty and online recommendations.

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