Improve all-round team performance

Successful restaurants are people-focused businesses ... with great staff delighting loyal customers. But even inspiring leaders and talented teams need some extra help. With the right technology, it’s possible to pinpoint problems, find helpful solutions and take everyone’s performance to the next level.

Common challenges for restaurants

Issues in team performance can lead to operational inefficiencies, service delays, and a suboptimal dining experience. Recognising these challenges is fundamental when implementing solutions that enhance the overall efficiency of your establishments.

Clear signs of problems with team performance

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Inaccurate time tracking:
    Difficulty in accurately tracking employee hours worked, breaks taken and overtime can lead to non-compliance with labour laws and unfair compensation practices.
  • Under performing teams:
    Lack of restaurant performance tracking and team support can result in teams delivery poor productivity, especially during peak hours.
  • Lack of constructive feedback:
    Managers often know something is amiss. But they don’t have the data or the insight to be able to intervene and turn around performance.
  • Time-consuming manual tasks:
    Skilled staff members get bogged down with a host of routine manual tasks – and sometimes overlook them completely. These tasks can impact morale and take people away from added value activities.

How to improve team performance

Syrve’s advanced tools enhance team performance and boost overall productivity.

Time tracking: Ensuring accuracy and fairness

It’s essential for managers to make sure teams have the right numbers – and keep a record of who’s doing what, and when.

Syrve’s time tracking capabilities ensure accurate monitoring of employee hours worked, breaks taken and overtime. This not only keeps your establishment in compliance with labour laws but also ensures fair compensation for staff.

For managing servers, Syrve allows you to split waiters into teams, create incentives and track team support, maintaining a vibrant atmosphere during peak hours. You can efficiently assign shifts and work schedules, and be automatically informed of shift overlaps and the required number of staff to effectively manage team performance.

Performance tracking: Real-time insights to drive improvement

To move your business up a gear, you need to identify star team players and reward success. This helps to create a winning, positive culture where people feel their efforts always count.

Syrve’s performance tracking capabilities enable you to monitor employee performance across multiple locations in real-time. You can provide instant feedback to employees, help improve their performance and identify areas for growth. With Syrve, staff check-ins include a news feed, motivation program, work schedule, and notifications on a personal page, ensuring that staff are aware of their goals, current performance, and rewards.

When monitoring operations, you can track any metric (sales, workstation time, delivery time and more) and create contests between staff and use a digital leadership board to promote competition if you wish. You can also analyse delivery performance with graphical representations of metrics like the number of deliveries, order amounts, average bill, travel time – by district and zone. All of this empowers data-driven decision-making.

Task management: Streamlined operations

In the restaurant business, there are key routine activities that managers must remember for a smooth-running operation.

Syrve’s task management features automatically prompts staff at the right moment to complete tasks. This streamlines operations and improves service quality. Instead of using paper rotas, Syrve’s digital tools let you assign and track tasks for employees across multiple locations, including stock checks and consignment receipting, to increase accountability and always stay on track.

Incentives: Motivate and reward

Syrve’s technology allows you to create a bonus system tailored to your business needs. You can set performance incentives for waiting staff, chefs, shifts, or everyone at a specific restaurant. Syrve can also calculate bonuses automatically. This fosters improved team morale and motivation, contributing to greater overall team performance.

The bottom line

Effective team performance is at the heart of restaurant success. Intuitive technology can help you to create a winning culture that keeps your whole team motivated and inspired.

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