Speed up service

Speed is the essence of a bustling restaurant. Turning tables faster maximises revenue and creates an energetic atmosphere that keeps guests coming back for more. Syrve gives you advanced tools to streamline your service, ensuring your restaurant operates at peak efficiency.

Common issues for restaurants

Customers can easily get frustrated by having to wait too long to get seated, place their orders, or for food to arrive. Many will vent on social media or leave poor reviews. Staff can feel the frustration bubbling — and the pressure can easily lead to simple mistakes with orders.

There are more immediate financial consequences for restaurants too. Slow service restricts how many customers you can cater for during peak periods, so you lose out on extra revenue.

Clear signs of challenges with speed of service

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Excessive wait times:
    Customers experiencing prolonged wait times for orders and service.
  • Order inaccuracies:
    Simple mistakes impact customers, servers and kitchen operations.
  • Inefficient operations:
    Noticeable disruptions and delays in kitchen and service workflows.
  • Customer dissatisfaction:
    A rise in customer complaints due to slow service.
  • Slow table turnovers:
    Difficulty in maximising the number of tables available at peak hours.
  • Staff overwhelmed:
    Staff struggling to manage the workload efficiently.

How to speed up service with Syrve’s solutions

Discover how Syrve’s technology can transform your restaurant’s speed of service.

EPOS interface: Smart functionality at your fingertips

Enhancing the efficiency of your EPOS interface is crucial for delivering a seamless dining experience.

With Syrve, you can enable your front-of-house team to access menu details and receive upselling prompts – all in an instant. Syrve’s EPOS interface ensures quick and informed service, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall dining experience.

Mobile POS efficiency: Orders anywhere, anytime

Streamlining the order process directly at the table is crucial for enhancing the dining experience.

Our handheld technology allows waiting staff to seamlessly take orders and process payments directly at the table, eliminating the need for queuing at a central POS. Orders can be sent to the kitchen in a click. Syrve’s Mobile POS ensures efficient order processing, consolidates visits and provides speed and convenience for guests.

Enhancing team efficiency: Automated prep plans and collaborative service

Boosting operational efficiency is crucial in turning tables faster.

By automatically generating food prep plans, Syrve enables kitchen teams to prepare efficiently before service, avoiding interruptions during peak hours. Clear and accurate orders are sent digitally and immediately to the kitchen without delay. Chefs can see orders and their priorities on display screens. Waiting staff can also use their screens to view orders and check on readiness.

Streamlined menu design: Built for speed and simplicity

The production time for different dishes may vary enormously. Some dishes may be slow to make, taking up valuable resources in the kitchen at peak times. It’s important to know whether these offerings contribute enough profit to justify their place on your menu.

With Syrve, you can simplify and shorten your menu to increase speed and profitability. Our solution gives you the tools and insight to streamline your offering to customers, based on the true cost and margins of dishes, which includes ingredients and kitchen prep time. Customers prefer a well-organised, streamlined menu.

Kitchen communications: Instant orders and memos

Efficient communication is the backbone of a well-functioning kitchen. Any confusion between servers and the kitchen can cause delays, friction and waste.

With Syrve’s streamlined system, sending orders and memos to the kitchen becomes a seamless process with just a single click from a handheld device. This instant communication reduces friction, enhances team coordination and helps to ensure that food is delivered promptly.

Staff schedule forecasting: Correct staffing for peak times

Accurate staffing during peak hours is crucial for maintaining optimal service levels.

By incorporating Syrve’s forecasting capabilities into staff schedules, you can ensure you have the right staffing levels when needed. This foresight not only helps move service along quickly but also maximises table turns, contributing to a more efficient and satisfying dining experience for your customers. Correct staffing levels will also ease stress on employees.

The bottom line

Efficiency is the key to turning tables faster and providing exceptional service. Syrve’s tools empower your restaurant to operate seamlessly, from order processing to collaborative service, ensuring your guests enjoy a satisfying dining experience with everything running smoothly.

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