Focus better on costumers

It’s vital for restaurants to be attentive to guests. This enhances the customer experience and boosts loyalty. But staying focused on people’s needs also means you can keep their dining experience on track – from start to finish – so you can turn tables faster and serve more customers.

Common issues for restaurants

It’s easy for waiting staff to lose track of customers and their needs – especially when a restaurant is running at full tilt. But when customers don’t get the focus they require, then their dining experience can drag. Lunches and dinners may end up taking far longer than customers had wished.

With some help from Syrve, your team will be better equipped to keep everything running briskly and turn tables faster.

Clear signs of challenges with customer focus

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Excessive wait times:
    Customers experiencing delays with orders and service.
  • Order inaccuracies:
    Mistakes come to light when food is brought to the table.
  • Customer dissatisfaction:
    A rise in customer complaints because of slow service.
  • Slow table turning:
    You could be serving more customers, but you’re at seating capacity.
  • Staff overwhelmed:
    Your team is struggling to manage workloads.

How to improve service with Syrve’s solutions

Discover how Syrve’s technology can transform your restaurant’s speed of service.

Table-side ordering: Save time and improve customer service

It’s important to save your waiting staff from having to keep returning to the bar or kitchen every time they need to pass on customer orders.

Syrve’s mobile POS is especially useful for waiting staff during busy times. You can take more orders swiftly at the table, making the serving process faster and growing income typically by 5-25%. Staff get more time with customers and can explain special offers and promotions better too. Servers don’t keep disappearing behind the bar, so it’s easier for customers to catch their attention, order extra items and get a better service.

Order details: Capture key information

It’s important for waiting staff to capture all key ordering details around dishes, modifiers, orders by seat and be able to manage courses efficiently.

Syrve’s system handles the complexity. The intuitive interface ensures waiting staff can quickly record orders, flag issues and prioritise items for a seamless dining experience. This can be sent to the kitchen in a click – so everything runs like clockwork.

Status checks: Optimising service

Managing a busy restaurant floor can feel like you’re working in air-traffic controller at times – except it’s easy to get lost in the clouds at busy moments.

With Syrve, you can check the status of every table in real-time, add phases to the diner journey and manage seating expectations. Syrve optimises service, eliminates table camping and enhances the overall dining experience.

Reservations: Accurate booking details

When reservations have been made, it’s important to make customers feel their arrival is expected and they receive a warm welcome.

With Syrve, you can accurately record reservation details, including names, contact information, occasion details and track cancellations. Syrve helps to ensure parties are seated correctly and served professionally.

Table transfers: Smoother guest experiences

Assigned tables are always helpful when taking orders and managing bills. But sometimes guests wish to change where they sit.

With Syrve, you can ensure a smooth guest experience when transferring or combining tables. Keep your front-of-house team in the loop to serve more customers without lost orders or mistakes. Syrve keeps track of everything.

The bottom line

Start delivering food with Syrve. You’ll grow your business, reach more customers and gain a competitive edge.

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