Improve promotions

Running successful promotions alongside your menu can create a buzz, attract new customers, and drive profitability.

Common challenges in designing promotions

Promotion design using your menu presents challenges that can directly impact your business. From missed sales opportunities to an unengaged customer base, a variety of factors can make the difference between failure and success. Fortunately, Syrve has tools that can help.

Clear signs your promotion strategy needs attention

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Hit-and-miss campaigns:
    You struggle to design and distribute promotions across your locations, so you’re unsure of their success.
  • Rigid promotion pricing:
    Without real-time data analytics and pricing tools, it’s challenging to adapt prices and availability throughout the day with preset rules. This limits your ability to increase sales.
  • Gaps in staff engagement:
    It’s difficult getting staff to always remember to offer promotions during order-taking, resulting in missed chances to elevate sales.

How to improve promotions

Syrve’s advanced tools empower you to make data-driven decisions, turning your promotions into revenue-generating opportunities.

Deliver your promotions across multiple outlets

Crafting effective promotions must begin with strategic design and seamless distribution.

Syrve’s promotion management capabilities allow you to effortlessly create and distribute promotions to all your locations. You can design enticing offers and prompt staff automatically to offer them to customers during order-taking, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Get staff engaged – automatically

Restaurants can struggle to get every staff member up to speed with new offers. It takes time and effort – and you may miss some team members who are on different shifts.

Syrve streamlines the process, automating staff prompts to offer promotions during order-taking. This ensures every opportunity is seized to enhance the customer experience and maximise sales.

Personalised promotions for tailor-made engagement

What if your promotions could hit the ‘sweet spot’ with every group of customers?


Syrve empowers you to tailor promotions to individual customer preferences and order history. You can create personalised promotions that resonate with specific customer segments, driving up sales and loyalty.

Flexible menu pricing

In the fast-paced restaurant industry, adaptability is key. If locations experience quiet days of the week, then being able to change prices on-demand can be a powerful tool in your armoury.

Syrve’s menu pricing features enable you to effortlessly adjust meal and combo item pricing in just a few clicks. Additionally, you can automatically change prices and availability based on rules you set, allowing offers to take effect during specific timeframes. This flexibility ensures your pricing strategy aligns with different sales opportunities throughout the day, boosting revenue.

The bottom line

Improving your promotion strategy is not just about boosting sales; it’s about creating dynamic, engaging offers that resonate with your customers. Syrve’s intuitive technology ensures your promotions capture attention, driving customer satisfaction and greater profitability.

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