Attract more customers

Attracting a steady stream of new customers is vital for sustained business growth. An engaging menu experience can become a powerful tool for turning one-time visitors into loyal patrons, contributing significantly to your establishment's sustained success.

Common challenges in attracting customers

Back in the day, restaurants relied on signs, paper menus and printed flyers to connect with customers. Today’s digital-savvy audiences will be looking for your menu on their channel of choice. If it’s not there, then customers will go elsewhere — because the competition is only a click away.

Clear signs your menu needs attention

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Limited ordering options:
    You’re struggling to provide customers with the convenience of buying through various channels, including via QR codes, apps, kiosks, aggregators, or drive-thru options.
  • Problems making menu changes:
    When your menu changes, it’s tricky to roll out updates for different sales channels. You don’t want customers requesting the dishes you’ve dropped or expecting yesterday’s prices.
  • Customised prices:
    Each channel comes with its own overheads, so it’s important to price items accordingly. And you may want your menu to vary per channel. You need a keen awareness of the profit margin for each dish.

How to attract more customers

Syrve’s advanced tools empower you to make data-driven decisions, transforming your menu into a customer magnet.

Multi-source ordering

Customers want choice and convenience – on their terms.

You can enhance your customer reach by allowing orders through any channel – online, via app, in-store, kiosk, aggregators, drive-thru, and more. Syrve’s multi-source ordering capabilities provide a convenient and diverse ordering experience, expanding your customer base and boosting sales.

External digital menus

Restaurants need to be able to adapt and update their menus on every channel easily.

You can promote your menu effortlessly with Syrve’s external digital menu features. Make your menu instantly accessible via QR codes, share it on your app or website, and collaborate with online app partners and aggregators. This not attracts new customers and fosters loyalty by providing a seamless and visually appealing menu experience.

Protecting your margins on every channel

Managers need to understand the ‘true cost’ of each dish to your business – plus a healthy margin – when setting prices for different channels, which may have their own overheads.

Syrve utilises data analytics to factor in ingredient costs, labour expenses and the popularity of each item. This dynamic approach allows you to determine the optimal menu mix, fine-tuning your offerings constantly to strike the perfect balance between quality and profit. You can then adjust your offering and prices for each channel.

The bottom line

Attracting customers goes beyond the taste of your dishes; it’s about creating a seamless and visually engaging experience. Syrve’s intuitive technology ensures your menu resonates with potential customers, driving initial interest and repeated patronage.

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