Prevent understocking

Making sure that every dish on your menu is always available is crucial for happy customers and a successful business. It ensures people get the dishes they want, leading to positive dining experiences and repeat business. Avoiding understocking not only boosts revenue but also attracts positive online reviews, bringing in new customers.

Challenges in menu management

Running out of key ingredients, facing delays in restocking and struggling with wastage can jeopardise your restaurant’s success. When popular dishes drop off your menu, customers may get the impression your establishment is poorly managed — and begin to lose trust in your brand. In reality, it could just be that staff are often unaware of inventory levels, or forget to order ahead.

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Frequent item shortages:
    Some menu items are regularly unavailable.
  • Delayed restocking:
    Prolonged delays in replenishing essential ingredients.
  • Increased customer complaints:
    A rise in complaints and negative online reviews about unavailable items or extended wait times.
  • Inefficient supplier collaboration:
    Difficulties in coordinating timely deliveries.

If so, then here’s the good news: Syrve has the tools to help fix these issues and ease the pressures on your team.

How to prevent understocking

Syrve’s technology enhances key functions that make a difference, ensuring your restaurant is always well stocked and ready to meet customer demand.

Real-time inventory management

Popular items may drop off the menu because teams only identify shortages of available ingredients when it’s too late to take action. This may happen before service or during service.

Syrve gives you real-time updates on what’s in stock, helping you make to smart decisions that avoid shortages. You can use the system to keep an eye on stock checks, wastage, transfers and goods receipting … as they happen. And, with automatic alerts, you’ll know when your inventory is running low, preventing those frustrating moments when you’ve run out of something important.

Syrve even tracks how you use your inventory in real-time, so you can spot trends and make purchasing adjustments to minimise waste and maximise profits.

Predict demand, optimise inventory

It’s important to be able to predict demand, so you can optimise inventory levels and prevent shortages or build-ups of excess stock. However, this mustn’t become a time-consuming task.

Syrve’s forecasting capabilities allow you to optimise inventory levels, based on realistic predictions using your customer sales data and demand patterns. As a result, you can reduce the risk of overstocking or understocking.

Streamlined ordering

When your operation is running at full tilt, it’s easy for busy kitchen teams to forget to order ahead – only to come unstuck later.

Syrve takes the hassle out of purchasing by giving you a glimpse into the future demand. Our system can predict what you’ll need, suggest the right quantities and automatically place orders with approved suppliers when stock is running low.

Whenever stock items dip below a set threshold, automatic orders can be triggered – based on sales forecasts, current stock levels and supplier schedules. By centralising orders and payments, Syrve ensures a smooth and efficient procurement process, keeping your inventory at the optimum level.

The bottom line

Syrve has your back – keeping a watch on inventory levels, predicting demand and placing orders when you’re run off your feet. This can lift the stress off your team, so they can focus better on creating great food and delighting customers.

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