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Top 10 Questions & Answers

How does Syrve address the specific needs of the restaurant industry?

We have put together a handy list of our most commonly asked questions below:

How does Syrve address the specific needs of the restaurant industry?

Syrve stands out as more than a conventional POS solution. We specialise in the restaurant sector – and address the deeper challenges and opportunities.

While other platforms claim versatility across various industries, such as retail and hospitality, we recognise that this broad approach often leads to increased software complexity. This compromises the dedicated focus that’s essential for optimal performance in the restaurant sector, distinguishing Syrve’s best-of-breed solution.

Also, traditional legacy POS vendors might have functional layers but often fall short on modern, ease-of-use tech and flexibility. Unlike one-size-fits-all alternatives, Syrve’s specific focus eliminates the need for excessive software layers and cost. 

Startup vendors may prioritise simplicity but lack the depth required for robust restaurant management. So often, apps only scratch at the surface and fail to solve the bigger challenges.

Our streamlined approach addresses the unique needs of restaurants more effectively, providing a comprehensive and operational-grade solution that’s intuitive and supports people in meaningful ways every day.

I’ve used many of the leading POS vendors. A lot of what you’re showing me appears to be capable through their platforms. What is different about yours?

While it might seem like other POS systems can do it all, let’s break it down. Mainstream POS vendors automate workflows, often relying on multiple apps and integrations, resulting in end-to-end inefficiencies. Despite providing operational coverage, manual intervention is often needed, leading to extra work, delays and missed opportunities.

With Syrve, we’re not about patching together disparate apps to form the ‘core’ of your solution. Every aspect of your operation is seamlessly automated within a unified platform—a single code base offering an all-in-one technology solution. We rethink and redesign processes using modern tech, instead of replicating manual processes and end up simply digitising the same old problems.

With Syrve, you’re empowered to perform at a higher level.

How does Syrve revolutionise stock control compared to others? I’ve seen the mobile stock ordering app in demos, but what sets it apart?

Having a mobile app for stock control is just the tip of the iceberg. Syrve stands out with two critical features:

Embedded and real-time updates: Syrve’s stock system goes beyond being merely an add-on; it’s embedded into the core of the entire restaurant management platform. It captures changes and actions in real-time, whether in the kitchen or the restaurant (like production, batch updates, write-offs, transfers, stop-lists). This seamless approach ensures accuracy across all processes in real-time.

Interactive and proactive: Syrve goes beyond passive stock tracking. It actively reminds managers of necessary actions and notifies them if anything falls behind schedule. Syrve ensures proactive stock management – whether it’s prompting for timely inventory checks,alerting you about overdue tasks, or sending automated notifications that stock levels have fallen below thresholds set by you.

Unlike others, Syrve doesn’t just track; it transforms stock control into an interactive and real-time process, ensuring you’re always on top of your inventory.

I prefer using best-of-breed software platforms for different functionalities. How does Syrve benefit me compared to integrating multiple systems?

Opting for an assortment of best-of-breed platforms might seem appealing, but integrating different systems often comes with challenges. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Real-time data exchange and transparency: With disparate systems, data exchange isn’t always seamless, leading to manual intervention and uncertainty over whether data is fresh and reliable. Syrve, being an all-in-one solution, ensures real-time data exchange, enhancing control and transparency.

Single platform for workflow efficiency: Integrating various systems may not allow for the transfer of all data, limiting workflow efficiency. Syrve’s comprehensive platform ensures that all your data seamlessly flows between front-of-house and back-of-house functionalities, in real-time.

Reliability and seamless upgrades: Integrated solutions often face reliability issues, leading to downtime and increased costs for resolution. If something breaks, then which vendor will take on the responsibility? Syrve, as a unified platform, offers higher reliability. System updates are effortless and come without the worry of breaking connections to other systems.We also offer stellar support if you need help or have questions.

Overall, choosing Syrve simplifies your operations by providing an all-encompassing solution, eliminating the challenges associated with integrating multiple best-of-breed apps.

I’m exploring various vendors; how does Syrve’s solution stand out?

Syrve’s ultimate USP is about a groundbreaking approach that reshapes restaurant operations through:

• Unified platform: Syrve unifies all processes, people and data, creating a cohesive operational ecosystem.

• Rule-changing workflows: The system works as one, in real-time. Accurate data is captured in-the-moment, when staff complete tasks or other events occur. There’s no need to rekey anything. Operational data is updated instantly within the solution. This drives accuracy and efficiency, setting a new standard for streamlined workflows.

• Intelligent insights: Syrve provides intelligent, data-driven insights, allowing businesses to sense opportunities, identify potential problems or locate bottlenecks in real-time.

• Automated decision-making: The system learns, makes decisions and takes actionacross a host of routine areas, saving time for everyone, while providing insights on operational issues, large and small. 

Syrve is about enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations for optimal performance.

How does Syrve’s unified system approach address the challenge of disparate apps in the market and ensure effective communication between different aspects of a restaurant’s business processes?

Syrve’s system is designed to overcome the limitations of disparate apps in the market, ensuring seamless communication across all facets of your restaurant’s operations. 

Here’s how Syrve’s approach addresses this challenge:

Greater automation for precision: By adopting Syrve’s unified system, covering all core business processes end-to-end, you unlock greater automation. This not only drives accuracy but also enhances overall efficiency, creating a more streamlined and precise operational environment.

Bridging the back office/front office gap: Syrve eliminates the need for manual data re-entry by seamlessly bridging the gap between the back office and front office. This ensures that crucial details, required for true management control, are effortlessly transmitted without relying on time-consuming manual processes.

Cost-efficiency and simplicity: Opting for a single provider means you only pay for one license and set of services. This leads to smaller financial outlays and avoids the hassle of multiple, staggered renewals. Over time, you experience substantially decreased costs, making Syrve a cost-effective solution.

Quick implementation and training: Syrve’s single, people-friendly solution enables you to get up and running faster. This speeds up training, minimises disruption and ensures the fastest possible return on investment. The user interfaces are purposefully designed and the non-intrusive software supports everyday processes in a meaningful way for staff.

End-to-end visibility and control: With everything in one place, Syrve offers a unified system that provides comprehensive process coverage and end-to-end visibility. From tracking stock movements to managing recipes, dishes and sales revenue, Syrve ensures you have business-wide visibility and control.


• Unified front-of-house and back-of-houseSyrve’s focus on real-time ‘end-to-end’ operations ensures that every software feature revolves around offering real-time visibility and control. This approach, accessible via various interfaces like POS, web browsers and mobile apps, captures essential data sets in real-time, including food cost factors like wastage, batch production, transfers and purchases.

• Unified order flows: Syrve streamlines order management from various sources, such as tills, websites, QR codes, kiosks and aggregators. A unified workflow processing engine manages all orders, from injection to processing, kitchen screen stages, and even the delivery/dispatch process. Real-time information flow to the back office ensures accurate stock updates, reporting, and more. This simplifies business processes and ensures uniform production – whichever way your orders arrive.

Can Syrve effectively serve as the Point of Capture for various critical aspects like batch production,stock counts and wastage capture, going beyond typical Point of Sale functionalities?

Absolutely. Syrve isn’t just a Point of Sale (POS) system; it’s designed to revolutionise your restaurant’s operations. Unlike conventional apps that primarily focus on automating calculations, Syrve goes further by providing tools that enhance the efficiency and productivity of your team. 

Here’s how Syrve stands out in capturing crucial operational data:

Empowering efficiency and productivity: Syrve is all about creating new, improved and modern experiences for your team, drastically reducing the manual input required. It simplifies and automates routine tasks, offering different ways to engage with technology and boosting overall efficiency.

Mobile accessibility and easy-to-use software: Syrve ensures access via mobile devices, making it convenient for your team to capture essential data on-the-go. The software is designed with an intuitive interface, minimising the time required to complete tasks and enhancing the speed at which information flows through your business.

Capturing events in real-time: Syrve follows the new rules of work by capturing events as they occur, eliminating the need to log any actions days or weeks later. This approach supports your team’s natural way of working, providing real-time control, visibility, and efficiency.


• Mobile stock taking: Syrve transforms back-of-house stock taking into an automated and transparent process. Instead of relying on manual stock counts initiated by a manager, Syrve’s system alerts and reminds staff when it’s time to count. The system guides them through the process, pre-filling lists, ensuring accuracy and automatically updating stock levels. This transparency reduces tension and enhances precision in stock counts.

• Real-time stock control: Beyond sales and stock taking, Syrve enables real-time capture of crucial events like supplier deliveries, batch production, and wastage. The system offers specific tools for each task, often in a mobile format, ensuring easy and effortless real-time capture. With Syrve’s unified system, you gain greater visibility and control over your stock balances by capturing essential data as it happens.

Syrve’s commitment is not just to automate but to transform your restaurant’s operations by capturing key data points seamlessly and efficiently.

Can Syrve go beyond replicating routine manual processes and add intelligence to specific tasks, questions or problems?

Absolutely. Syrve isn’t just another app; it’s designed to make complex tasks simpler and introduce intelligence into your restaurant operations. Unlike conventional apps that merely replicate manual processes, Syrve takes it a step further with inclusive intelligence. 

Here’s how Syrve stands out in adding intelligence to specific tasks:

Proactive information delivery: Syrve is designed to provide optimised and reliable information, empowering smart analytics to contribute meaningfully to your business. Instead of sifting through reports, Syrve proactively delivers insights, such as weekly performance summaries, directly to you. The system ensures you stay informed without the need for extensive manual analysis.

Predictive analytics and automation: Predictive analytics is embedded into Syrve’s unified system, eliminating the reliance on third-party apps. Manual tasks can be predicted and pre-populated based on historical data and user-defined rules. This background operation reduces approval steps and allows the system to sense potential problems and opportunities, streamlining operations.


• AI sales forecasting: Syrve’s AI capabilities enable accurate sales forecasting by automatically creating forecasts in real-time. Moreover, it assists in stock purchasing by predicting demand, suggesting items and quantities to purchase. The system also automatically generates prep plans based on the forecast, optimising kitchen efficiency.

• Smart insights: Syrve’s offers a comprehensive suite of tools for gaining actionable insights. With a vast repository of unified data, Syrve provides access to different aspects of your business, from personal pages with news feeds to performance monitoring and deep analytics for above-store insights. Staff and managers can access tailored data sets, supporting both in-store performance and above-store visibility and control.

Syrve’s commitment to inclusive intelligence goes beyond the limitations of traditional POS systems, offering advanced tools that provide you with actionable insights and streamline decision-making.

How does Syrve’s system transform my business into a ‘tech-first’ entity, enhancing performance?

Syrve’s modern system goes beyond being just a software; it becomes an integral member of your team, elevating your business to ‘tech-first’ status. 

Here’s how Syrve’s forward-looking approach contributes to making your business hyper-efficient, confident, and agile:

Automated help for everyoneWith Syrve’s unified system, your business gains an extra team member capable of driving up performance levels. The system supports and maintains processes independently, generating notifications, reminders, and escalations as needed. 

Consistent standardsAs your business grows, maintaining uniformity becomes crucial. Syrve’s technology addresses this challenge by providing a way to ensure consistency of standards and benchmarks across the enterprise. This is particularly valuable in recruiting and retaining top performers, ensuring that your business operates at its best regardless of staff changes.

Datadriven business approach: Syrve transforms your operation into a data-driven business. By establishing a seamless information loop in the daily business cycle, Syrve achieves the following:

1. Automation for real-time data: All operations are instantly captured, providing real-time data.

2. Actionable insights: The real-time data enables actionable insights for better business management.

3. AI forecasting for future planning: AI forecasting allows you to plan ahead for ordering, staff schedules, kitchen preparation and more.

4. Streamlined processes: Planning tools within the system ensure that processes are streamlined.

5. Employee guidance: Hints, reminders, and notifications prompt employees to complete their steps in the operational cycle.

Boosting ROI: 

This free-flowing, actionable information translates into a significant boost in return on investment (ROI), including:

• Increased sales: Improved order taking and operational efficiency in production, delivery and service.

• Reduced cost of sales: Cutting wastage, optimizing supplier prices and enhancing menu optimisation.

• Reduced cost of labour: The ability to achieve more with existing staff.

• Strategic benefits: Greater visibility, agility and control, allowing clear understanding of the business value of every decision and providing the tools to act on it.

Syrve’s modern system is not just a software solution; it’s a transformative force that empowers your business to operate at its full potential.

I’ve been failed by previous vendors’ support, notoriously below par in this sector.How does Syrve differ?

At Syrve, we prioritise efficiency with swift rollouts. While others might drag out implementations, we focus on helping you to see the business benefits as soon as possible. That means we help with handling your setup, collaborating on training and configuring the solution, without unnecessary complexity. 

We’ve removed IT headaches. Delivering via the cloud, we provide ongoing innovation without burdening you with software and infrastructure maintenance.

And when it comes to support, we’ve embraced modern messaging technology. Forget long waits during service; our average response time is industry leading. At Syrve, support is more than a service—it’s a commitment to keeping your operations seamless and hassle-free.

I’m worried about being locked into long-term contracts and face hidden fees. How does Syrve approach pricing differently?

Traditional vendors often come with hidden costs and surprises. Traditional big players may hit you with hefty upfront fees, while others lock you into long-term contracts with hidden transaction costs, limiting your flexibility. Additionally, there’s the hassle of changing your setup as your business grows. What’s more, maintenance issues, especially with cheap hardware, can impact your operations.

With Syrve, you’ll have a better experience. We offer a single, transparent price with a SaaS model, eliminating hidden fees and ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for. You have control over costs, can change plans as your business expands, and benefit from top-quality enterprise-grade hardware. Syrve is all about clarity and flexibility in pricing.